Chromecast Built-in

Primare Prisma functionality Google Chromecast built-in Icon

Modern convenience of Google Chromecast

Chromecast built-in offers a remarkable level of connectivity and control options, compatible with Apple, Android, and Google devices.


  • Chromecast built-in casting provides a direct connection between the Prisma device and the preferred music service through the network, therefore playback quality is limited only by the resolution provided by that service (up to 24-bit/96kHz), meaning the possibility of higher resolution playback for critical listening from services like TIDAL HiFi and Qobuz.
  • Casting can be done from virtually any mobile device, as well as computers from the Chrome browser.
  • Roon endpoint functionality allows for the use of Roon’s sophisticated digital music management software. For more information see Roon Ready information.
  • Multi-room and multi-room connectivity and control.
  • Voice control is also available, through Google Home speakers and Google Assistant.
  • The associated Google Home application makes connecting the Prisma device to your WiFi network extremely easy and straightforward.
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