Modular design

Primare modular design DAC digital to analog converter


We feel it is essential to offer modular design in as many of our products as we can, in order to give you the power to choose just the features required to meet a wide variety of system needs, and the reassurance that as technology changes you can still use and appreciate the timeless quality of Primare design for years to come.

System building

For example, the I35 Prisma is available with full analog, as well as disc, stored or streamed digital media connectivity and control, with an analog only option in the I35, or analog with digital to analog conversion technology in the I35 DAC.

The CD35 Prisma is an extraordinarily versatile digital media source, but for those who do not need stored or streamed media access and prefer the functionality of a dedicated CD Player, the CD35 provides that option.

Primare System Building I35 modular integrated amplifier, DD35 CD Transport


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