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What Guides Us

Primare is a Scandinavian company, and many of the distinctive characteristics of the brand are rooted in Scandinavian culture – in a particular way of living, and of experiencing music and film. An inherent part of the cultural landscape of Scandinavia is the idea that in all things there should be a sense of proportion and balance, of all elements working cohesively together.


Lagom (“laah-goam”) is the Swedish word for this: roughly meaning “just the right amount.” Not too much. Not too little. Everything in perfect balance, harmony, and proportion. Implicit in our definition of lagom is the sense that no aspect of a Primare product, in either appearance or performance, should draw attention to itself – that the music should be the primary experience and the perception of technology at work should disappear.

For thirty years Primare has embodied this holistic design approach. Each and every product is a harmonious blend of technology and functionality, the components having been developed to deliver effortless audio purity and ease of use. The many design and production innovations that enable a Primare component to deliver uniquely harmonious and balanced performance can be illustrated, but there is no measure of its ability to exhilarate and satisfy. That feeling is immeasurable. Ultimately, and true to this idea of lagom, the Primare experience simply feels right.

Lagom – when things simply feel right. You will know it when you see and hear Primare.

lagom – a sense of proportion and balance,
of all elements working cohesively together


hygge (“heu-gah”) is a Danish word that is often translated as “cozy.” But the word hygge means so much more, and may be considered the highest expression of living – that deep satisfaction of time well spent, of sharing food, drink, music, and movies with family and friends in the simple celebration of everyday living.

Hygge seems to be a direct response to the harsh and unforgiving, yet spectacular and inspiring, natural world of Scandinavia – where there’s a deep and abiding connection felt for the earth and, particularly, the unique landscape and climate. There, the long, dark winter is not necessarily something to be endured, but rather enjoyed, in part because it allows for the most intense moments of hygge.

Hygge almost invariably involves being around a fire or candle to provide a sense of warmth and well-being. By extension, Primare components are designed with hygge in mind, in a sense to take the role of this flame.

Primare’s goal is to provide performance that allows for a deeply satisfying shared experience of music and film – to heighten the hygge.

hygge – that deep satisfaction of time well spent,… 
in the simple celebration of everyday living

Practical Design Approach

Primare practices a practical design approach. Product development is based on sound fundamental principles of thoroughly implemented power supply designs and artfully crafted ultra-short signal paths, so that each individual component and sub circuit operates sympathetically to achieve a cohesive whole.

Primare constantly scans the horizon for new developments, and is often at the forefront of new technologies, having been among the first to embrace streaming and stored digital technologies, as well as class D amplification for true high-end performance. However, product development decisions are never made with marketing in mind – for the purposes of drawing attention. Rather a new feature is implemented or component part used only if a profound performance improvement will be realized.

For this reason, Primare prefers to perfect rather than pioneer; to produce only products that significantly improve upon what was previously available, with fierce devotion to using whatever technology can provide the best experience, and with a steadfast conviction to building products that have the broadest possible long-term use value.


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