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  •, The Netherlands, September 2023
    SPA25 Prisma: Primare SPA25 Prisma AV Amplifier

    “Primare has developed the SPA25 Prisma home cinema amplifier especially for demanding music lovers who want to listen to music in its purest form, but also want to experience an optimal movie experience. With this beautiful Primare you make no concessions in the search for perfect image and sound…

    The sound quality of this SPA25 Prisma can not only compete with many high-quality integrated amplifiers, many preamp/amp combinations will also have difficulty matching the sound quality of the Primare. Let alone surpass it…

    Conclusion – Primare recommends this SPA25 as the ultimate solution for audio and cinephiles. After our review period, we believe that the Malmö-based high-end audio manufacturer is one hundred percent right. If you do not value specifications on paper but prefer an easy-to-use AV component with an uncompromising construction and perfect image and sound quality, then this high-end AV amplifier from Primare will last you many years. Five-star award.”

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  • The Speaker Shack, UK, September 2023
    A35.2: Primare A35.2 Power Amplifier Review

    “Musically the Primare A35.2 Power Amplifier is a formidable performer and copes well with all types of music, from the subtle nuances in Jazz to full on rock with hard hitting power and conviction, tested with the Perlisten Audio R7t speakers and now with my ProAc D2Rs it does not have to be in an all Primare system to show how well it can perform although I can imagine with its partnering PRE35 connected via the balanced inputs its performance and synergy will elevate its performance even further, factor in the sleek proportions and stylish looks and cool running it’s hard not to like the A35.2 amplifier, with a clear upgrade path to bridge the A35.2 and use two of these in mono configuration you end up with some serious hardware to power any speaker system should you choose, considering the price it really is quite the bargain.
    The Speaker Shack awards the Primare A35.2 with the Five stars Highly Recommended award!”
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  • HiFi News, UK, May 2019
    I35 + CD35 Prisma: Primare CD35/I35 Prisma Network/CD Player & Amp

    Cool Velvet – There’s something very alluring about the sound of this CD player/integrated amplifier. Working as a pair, with the CD35 acting as a digital disc transport for the I35 – one is immediately struck by the smoothness of the music. Indeed, they serve up an almost velvety rendition of whatever recording you choose to play. It’s an easy-going presentation yet one that’s authoritative, the combination rising to any challenge without sounding flustered.”

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  • Hemmabio, Sweden, June 2023
    SPA25 Prisma: Tight Step in Scandinavian Style

    “Just right for us – In conclusion, we can summarise that Primare continues to be Primare, by deliberately thinking for themselves and going their very own ways in our hysterically varied consumer society. Their new integrated home cinema amplifier SPA25 is a result of clear priorities, the sound quality and joy of long-term ownership for the music and film enthusiast had to go before graphic finesse and chameleon-like versatility that is exhibited and offered by several competitors at present.

    The ascetic fluidity of Primare’s single-mindedness and elegant design also make high demands on you as a user. If you feel you are right for this purification bath, and that you otherwise also fit the proposed “user profile”, you will be richly rewarded, for SPA25 sounds very good, unusually good, even. And in the long run this is the most important feature for a multi-channel integrated amplifier, which by virtue of its quality and tightly restrained elegance adorns its place on the top shelf in your austere Scandinavian dream home better than any other.”

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  • EISA, International, August 2023
    SPA25 Prisma: EISA Best Product AV Receiver 2023-2024

    “Marking a welcome return to the AV receiver arena, Primare has created a multichannel, immersive audio powerhouse that captivates with both movie and music playback. A nine-channel design based around energy-efficient Hypex Class D amplification, and supporting front speaker bi-amping, the SPA25’s sound mixes delicate smoothness with transient attack, bass weight and seamless soundstaging – all ready to be fine-tuned by Dirac Live software. Other features, including the company’s well-regarded, hi-res Prisma streaming platform, and a high-quality USB DAC input, will satisfy two-channel audiophiles. Finally, the elegant style and premium build quality of the SPA25 ensures it looks as good as it sounds.”
  • AVForums, UK, August 2023
    A35.8: Primare A35.8 Eight Channel Power Amplifier Review

    “The Primare 35.8 has an unassuming profile. It’s simply a black box with an on/off switch, which is good start. But this is a glorious sounding amplifier. Movies and music are awash with fine detail, and superb imaging and depth of field. What’s more, music sources come off as almost tangible with a delightfully analogue quality for a Class D design. This is all a surprise. As a consumer, you must prepare to spend big on the best amplifiers for a dedicated home cinema room. But also remember that these are the components that will probably find a home in your AV room the longest duration. If you’re at the decision stage for purchasing eight (or sixteen) channels of unbridled power, we say don’t overlook the Primare 35.8.” Best in Class – 10/10
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  • Stereophile, USA, April 2023
    PRE35 Prisma – Stereophile Recommended Component

    “Class A – The Primare PRE35 Prisma is a finely honed, well-made, and—considering the state-of-the-art technologies it incorporates—fairly priced streaming preamplifier. Its simple Scandinavian aesthetic belies its rich functionality and flexibility. If you are looking for a streaming preamp with its feature set and have a budget and system to match, you should put the Primare PRE35 Prisma on your short list for audition. Recommended. Lagom!”

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  • Stereophile, USA, April 2023
    A35.2 – Stereophile Recommended Component

    “Class A (solid state) – This hefty Danish amplifier uses what Primare calls their “proprietary UFPD2 analogue class-D amplification technology” to deliver 200Wpc into 8 ohms. According to the manufacturer, UFPD2 integrates the class-D output stage and the necessary low-pass filter, “making control with feedback much more immediate and accurate.” HR found that with his Magnepan .7 speakers, the A35.2 sounded very similar to the slightly more expensive Bel Canto Ref600M class-D monoblocks. He wrote that the A35.2 “gripped the Magnepans’ diaphragms with greater control and force than either the class-A Pass Labs XA25 ($4900) or the $3495 all-tube, class-AB Rogue Stereo 100 (in Ultralinear mode). This control delivered a tauter, more rhythmic bass.” With Harbeth M30.2 speakers, HR found that the Primare’s high frequencies were “crisp and super-clear—but not luxuriant and engaging.” On the test bench, the Primare exceeded its specified powers, clipping at 225Wpc into 8 ohms and at 460Wpc into 4 ohms.”

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  • Stereophile, USA, April 2023
    A35.8 – Stereophile Recommended Component

    ”Class B (solid state) – This eight-channel colleague of the Swedish manufacturer’s stereo A35.2 uses the reliable and powerful Hypex NC500 class-D module, with some modifications. The amplifier features a switch-mode power supply, with its two outputs each feeding four amplifier stages. Pairs of outputs can be run as bridged mono amplifiers. KR auditioned the Primare with three bridged pairs to run his Left-Center-Right speakers and the remaining two channels to run his two surround-channel speakers. While he did try the amplifier in eight-channel mode KR found that bridging transformed the A35.8 “into a much more exciting amplifier” with a better bass balance and superbly stable imaging, even in stereo. He noted that there was never any evidence of the “gray” treble he had experienced with earlier Ncore-based amplifiers: “In my preferred five-channel configuration, the A35.8 equaled other good amplifiers in the treble.” Comparing the Primare with his reference Benchmark AHB2, he felt that the Primare sounded “more convincingly live” than the Benchmark. On the test bench, the A35.8 exceeded its specified power of 150Wpc with two channels driven into 8 ohms, clipping at 200Wpc, and met its 300Wpc specification with two channels driven into 4 ohms. JA’s conclusion was that the Primare A35.8 offers high power, especially in bridged mode, with very low levels of distortion and audioband noise. KR suggests A–; too bad there’s no such rating.”

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  • Stereophile, USA, March 2023
    PRE35 Prisma – Primare PRE35 Prisma streaming preamplifier

    “The Primare PRE35 Prisma is a finely honed, well-made, and—considering the state-of-the-art technologies it incorporates—fairly priced streaming preamplifier. Its simple Scandinavian aesthetic belies its rich functionality and flexibility. If you are looking for a streaming preamp with its feature set and have a budget and system to match, you should put the Primare PRE35 Prisma on your short list for audition. Recommended. Lagom!”

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  • SC15 Prisma – Audiograde Best of 2022 / Digital Streamer

    “Primare is one of those brands that goes for understated looks and over-expected sonics. The SC 15 Prisma is both a streamer and preamp that’s a breeze to use and is blessed with a neutral musical air that’s a delight to live with long term.”

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  • Audiograde, UK, December 2022
    R35 – Audiograde Best of 2022 / Phono Stage

    “Primare’s legacy R32 has been our reference phono stage for almost a decade, but the R35 sets the bar so much higher, with so many settings, balanced connections and improved audio, it really is the reference phono stage.”

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  • Audio, Germany, February 2023
    A35.8 – The Power of Eight

    “A look under the bonnet of the Primare 35.8 power amp reveals that eight cylinders, sorry, power amps are at work here. The analogy to potent V8 engines is obvious, but only the 35.8 can be converted to an even more powerful four-cylinder…

    Up to this point, the topic of multi-channel terminal mares had not particularly appealed to me. Until now. The Primare 35.8 convinced me with its power, sound, and unbelievable versatility. Design and workmanship are also at the top level.

    Sound Judgement: 110 POINTS / Price/Performance: OUTSTANDING”

  • FWD, The Netherlands, February 2023
    SPA25 Prisma – Equally Strong in Music as Surround

    “It is striking that Primare never loses sight of stereo enthusiasts with its multi-channel products. The A35.8, for example, is as good an 8-channel power amp as it is a very powerful stereo amplifier (via bridging and bi-wiring). Same with the SPA25. It is an AV receiver, but the Swedes state that it can also be set up as a powerful integrated stereo amplifier. If you choose stereo and can bi-amp speakers, 290 watts per channel are available.

    The SPA25 is not your average AV receiver where a long list of features seems more important than the actual performance. Not that it’s missing business. Thanks to Dirac, the Primare has an excellent manner to tailor the playback to your speakers and room. There is also a lot of flexibility in how you can configure the device, without making the interface very complex.”

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  • Audiograde, UK, July 2022
    SC15 Prisma – System review: Primare SC 15 Prisma network preamp and System Audio Legend 7.2 Silverback active speakers

    “What this system highlights is how hifi’s boundaries have rightly evolved to meet real world needs. When combined, Primare’s SC15 front end and SA’s Silverback speakers will easily give traditional two channel systems at a similar price point a run for their money in terms of sonics and usability, because the underpinning quality of both products hasn’t been compromised.

    Leave your preconceptions at the door, as the Primare and SA combination warrants your attention should you be in the market for a flexible solution without the big box count.”

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  • HiFi Choice, UK, February 2023
    CD35 – Group Test

    “This flagship with space for a streaming module proves that excellence is more than just a state-of-the-art DAC. Oozing Scandi cool, the CD35 is an out-and-out winner in every way.

    A clear round? I doubt any Group Test will ever witness one, but here’s the Primare CD35 and that’s close enough. Think reverse perfect storm, a rare union of positive attributes – let’s call it best-of-all-worlds syndrome – that combine to nail ‘dead right’. First off, the CD35 is supremely confident and comfortable in its own skin and its sonic assets are truly all-encompassing.

    Naturally 7 really live up to their name via the CD35. Far from being an artfully blended but amorphous vocal mass, the Primare’s powers of resolution and separation more accurately portray an ensemble of fewer singers in a larger space with more lung power, tonal nuance and easily understood expression. No blurring or artificial smoothing – it all just sounds stunningly natural.

    Moreover, the CD35’s skills are seamlessly transferable. As you might imagine, Goodbye Pork Pie Hat sounds stellar, Jeff Beck’s dizzying speed, dynamic tension and effortless melding of delicacy and bite aren’t just thrilling, but truly jaw dropping. The urge to lean heavily on the volume is irresistible.

    The Primare CD35 looks rather self-effacing. Neat, clean, minimal. It doesn’t sound it. If you want to discover just how glorious your CDs can sound, this is the one to get.”

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  • hifimedia, December 2022, Croatia
    NP5 Prisma MK2 – Primare NP5 Prisma MkII

    Primare Prisma NP5 MkII is a simple and smart device, where everything is in its place. It is easy to use, there is no need to fiddle with software and options, versatility is at a high level, and management and reliability are at a high level. Add to that a very good sound that can be improved with an external power supply and we have a streamer that is hard to resist. With a price of HRK 4,490, Prisma NP5 MkII is a device that many can afford and deserves our recommendation.”

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  • HiFi Test, Germany, June 2022
    A35.8 – Power Amplifier of the Extra Class

    “In addition, the Primare A35.8 not only brings a lot of power to the speaker terminals, but also a squeaky-clean signal. Vanishingly low distortion factors and other measured values attest to the Swedes’ excellent engineering… EISA (Expert Imaging and Sound Association) recently named the Primare A35.8 “Best Product 2022-2023″. And rightly so: superior performance, flawless sound and a wide range of applications also give the eight-channel amp our absolute recommendation!”  Reference Class, 1+

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  • Digital Day, Italy, November 2022
    I15 Prisma MK2 – Primare I15 Prisma Mk2 and Paradigm Founder 40B, point of arrival?

    “I15 Prisma MK2 – Perfect for streaming – We are facing the entry model to the Primare world but already here you can appreciate the high-level of design and the excellent section dedicated to streaming, including the control application which is very simple but well done. The construction is textbook and very rare in this price range while the finish is equally worthy of praise but possibly too minimalist, without even the volume knob. Not bad using the remote control. The price is not negligible but aligned with the best competitors. The I15 Prisma MK2 is therefore particularly recommended for those who use high-resolution streaming as the main source and must drive even demanding loudspeakers in rooms with not too large cubic volumes.”

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  • Home Cinema Choice, UK, December 2022
    SPA25 Prisma – Slick and smart Swedish receiver

    This receiver marks the triumphant return of a somewhat ’boutique’ brand to the world of multichannel AV. There are more affordable competitors that carry more channels and more advanced HDMI connectivity, but I’m hardpressed to think of one that sounds so comprehensively accomplished. Primare’s SPA25 looks premium, sounds superb, and is worth every penny of its price.” HCC Verdict – Best Buy / Five Star

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  • Stereophile, US, November 2022
    A35.8 – 8-channel amplifier

    “The Primare A35.8 amplifier surprised me. Its performance in my system corroborated Primare’s claim that they can make a great amplifier from Ncore modules, one that can rival amplifiers based on the newer Purifi technology as well as amplifiers utilizing traditional, nonswitching technology. Its eight channels and bridged gain options endow it with tremendous versatility. To me, the Primare A35.8 is worthy of an audition in any multichannel setup. It is a pleasure to use and to listen to.”

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  • Audiograde, UK, Oct 2022
    Primare R35 phono stage review

    “In the R35 what Primare has done is focus on offering a product that can rival the best on spec alone, while not sacrificing what sets it apart from most at the price which is its sheer musical performance. It has depth and detail in spades, with an analogue character that underlines vinyl’s enduring appeal. It’s bass control is also class leading, and when you put all this together, the package is outstanding.”

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  • HIFI Choice, United Kingdom, Oct 2022
    NP5 Prisma MK2 – Prime time

    “Primare’s new streaming bridge is a thing of sonic beauty… No larger than it needs to be, devoid of fanciful boasts, the NP5 Prisma MK2 has all the functionality most of us will ever need teamed with ease of use and seriously good sound. As painless and affordable a path to quality streaming as it comes.”

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  • Heimkino, Germany, Jun 2022
    A35.8 – Power Amplifier with Extra Class

    For Film and Music – Our test home cinema confirms the excellent impression from the laboratory. The Primare masters the delicate tones and knows how to please with its balanced, sensitive sound. When it’s time to turn it up and the walls are supposed to shake, it doesn’t show any weaknesses and lets the cinema tremble with brute dynamics. A big movie theatre! 

    Incidentally, the Primare A35.8 is also excellent for enjoying music. High-fidelity sound characteristics paired with seemingly unlimited power reserves also delight demanding listeners. If you bridge all four channel pairs, the eight-channel power amplifier is also ideal for driving a stereo system in bi-amping mode. With a whopping 1.5 kW total output! The A35.8 is therefore recommended not only for use in the home cinema, but also for the sophisticated stereo listening room. 

    Conclusion – The EISA (Expert Imaging and Sound Association) recently named the Primare A35.8 Best Product 2022-2023. Quite rightly so: superior performance, flawless sound, and a wide range of possible uses also give the eight-channel monster our absolute recommendation!” 

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  • Fidelity, Germany, September 2022
    A35.8 – Customized Performance

    “With two bridged pairs of channels, the bass gains another ounce of impact and definition, but at the same time it is even more permeable for the mids, which can now breathe even more freely. In addition, especially with the bowed bass at the beginning of the piece, it is noticeable how the attack and decay of the tones are traced even more finely. The stage changes not significant in their extent, but the individual sound events now seem to be even better separated. earth shattering? Not really, but after two or three changes I can blindly tell the difference between single and bi-amping – based on small but clearly understandable differences that I don’t want to do without afterwards because they simply add that much more fun to listening to music worries.

    The experiment in search of the next bit of sound quality can therefore be considered an absolute success – especially when you consider that the additional costs are very reasonable and the eight-channel power plant takes up no more space in the rack than a stereo power amplifier.”

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  • ROON, US, September 2022
    Primare NP5 Prisma MK2 Review

    “Primare of Sweden has applied a uniquely Scandinavian approach to audio manufacturing for nearly forty years – winning them awards and loyal customers. Their components meld premium sound quality with refined, timeless aesthetics. Primare practices the Swedish principle of Lagom (“laah-goam”), which translates to “just the right amount.” It’s an appreciation of harmonious, proportional balance – in all things. 

    Fortunately for us, Primare puts that into practice in its components. Their 2022-2023 EISA Best Streamer winning NP5 Primsa MK2 continues their penchant for striking the perfect blend of technology, functionality, and ease of use. “Just the right amount,” as defined by Primare, turns out to be quite generous. 

    The NP5 Prisma MK2 is the latest version of their standalone Prisma technology – the feature-rich platform at the heart of Primare’s most prestigious hi-fi components. The app reveals that the NP5 Prisma MK2 is an impressive hub of features, not just a streamer.

    Even better, it’s a perfect candidate for this DAC + Streamer pairing how-to. There are a few critical factors to remember when selecting a streamer or bridge. They apply to our scenario as well.”

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  • A Brittish Audiophile, UK, Aug 2022
    Primare CD15 & I15 System Review

    The ‘A British Audiophile’ video blog reviews CD15 Prisma and I15 Integrated Amplifier.

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  • A Brittish Audiophile, UK, Aug 2022
    Primare CD15 & I15 System Review

    The ‘A British Audiophile’ video blog reviews CD15 Prisma and I15 Integrated Amplifier.

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  • EISA AWARDS, Aug 15, 2022
    EISA STREAMER 2022-2023

    Primare’s NP5 Prisma MK2 makes it easy to introduce streaming capabilities to any outboard DAC or other component with a digital input/DAC. This well-priced device is based on the multiroom audio platform the Swedish brand utilises in even its most expensive hi-fi components, meaning there’s slick control via the dedicated Prisma app, playback from local USB and networked storage, and streaming over Spotify Connect, AirPlay 2, Bluetooth, Chromecast and Roon. Also a fine upgrade for legacy Primare gear thanks to its RS232 control port, the NP5 Prisma MK2 supports DoP with Roon and MQA passthrough, various output sample rates, and hi-res files to 192kHz/24-bit and DSD128. This streamer may be compact, but sure is mighty when it comes to possibilities.”

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  • EISA AWARDS, Aug 15, 2022

    *Joint award with Home Theatre audio expert group*

    “Designed for both the home theatre audio and hi-fi worlds, Primare’s multichannel 35 Series amplifier deploys eight bridgeable channels of potent, dynamic Hypex Ncore amplification, and then lets the user decide what to do with them. For a home cinema, the A35.8 can spread its output across a surround array or be used to bi-amp the front LCR speakers; in a two-channel system, bridged pairs bring phenomenal power and grip, and all eight amps can be put to work on loudspeakers with a split crossover. This is a flexible, innovative, and imperious-sounding amplifier, in a stylish, understated chassis typical of the brand.”


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  • Sound & Vision, July 2022, USA
    Primare A35.8 Eight-Channel Power Amplifier Review

    There are many uses for power, and in my months with the A35.8, I explored most of them. At no point did Primare’s eight-channel design fall short in quantity or quality of amplification, making “bigger without change” and without complaint, no matter what I sent its way. That earns the A35.8 a straight “A” in my book”

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  • Audiograde, UK, June 2022
    Primare NP5 Prisma MK2 streamer review

    The NP5 Prisma MK2 is another example of Primare’s adherence to the ‘Lagom’ philosophy of not too much and not too little, with this unassuming little device providing considerable functionality enhancements to a system without drawing unnecessary attention to itself. It is a testament to Primare’s nimbleness in turning a potentially major supply problem into an opportunity to not only keep production on the rails, but also introduce additional feature enhancements while many competitors saw their production crawl to a halt.

    In times where everyone is watching their wallets, the Prisma stands out in offering a sensible spread of functionality and capability while keeping costs down. For the price, the Prisma makes for a considerable enhancement to any system that has a DAC to match.”
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  • HiFi Musik, Sweden, June 2022
    A35.8: Complete Freedom

    “In the final analysis I can state that Primare has succeeded very well in their intentions to produce a high-quality and supremely flexible multi-channel amplifier. And the number of channels was not simply taken out of thin air, as it can, for example, be run fully bridged to bi-amp a pair of speakers with two sets of speaker connectors, and thereby use all of those eight channels.”

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  • Audio Arkitekts, US, April 2022
    HiFi Music Streamer Review | Primare NP5 Prisma MK II

    “Music streamers have become the new normal for many music listeners. Primare has manufactured a well-built device that can stream all of your favorite tunes to the destination of your choice. Paired with an awesome DAC, this streamer is a definite performer!”

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  • Sempre Audio, June 2022, Austria
    A35.8 Power Amplifier

    “According to the ideas of the Swedish high-end hi-fi manufacturer Primare AB, the new Primare A35.8 Power Amplifier is an eight-channel power amplifier that can be used alone or as a pair with the two-channel power amplifier Primare A35.2 Power Amplifier can supply any multi-channel system with adequate performance for the highest audiophile demands in surround playback of music and films.Above all, a sophisticated circuit design and an extremely potent power supply should ensure this.”

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  • LowBeats, June 2022, Germany
    Primare A35.8 – flexibly configurable 8-channel power amplifier

    “The Primare A35.8 is a cleverly made and highly potent 8-channel power amp for multi-channel, multi-room or ambitious stereo.”

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  • Hifi Test, March 2022, Germany
    NP5 Prisma MK2 – Chip Tuning

    “The NP5 Prisma is just right for getting started at the highest level. Convenient to set up and integrate into an existing system, the Primare is up and running quickly and offers HiRes streaming from hard drive, NAS or Internet as desired. Conclusion: The second version of the small Prisma NP5 from Primare is the Swiss army knife for quickly integrating a complete streaming solution into your home system.”

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  • Absolute Sound, USA 2022
    I35 Prisma – Editors’ Choice Award 2022

    “Primare’s 150Wpc Class D integrated is teeming with connectivity—Wi-Fi and Ethernet for network-based storage and streaming services like Tidal, Bluetooth, and AirPlay. (It can also be configured analog-only.) Sonically it walks the straight and narrow with solid, pitch-precise behavior in the bass, a full midrange, and a treble that doesn’t etch or irritate. Its character veers slightly to the cooler side of the tonal spectrum, and transient behavior is swift and clean. Picking up on the leading edges of a tambourine rattle, a trumpet blast, or even the fingernails of a classical guitarist is part of the enjoyment of living with the I35. A rock-solid performer.”

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  • Alpha Audio, May 2022, Netherlands
    Primare A35.8 – the bridge between film and music

    “What a wonderfully fast, lively and flexible amplifier the A35.8 is. Not only can it control eight speakers, it is possible to control four power-hungry speakers via bridge mode. Or bi-amp a stereo set. And yes: that works great! However, you have to take into account the standard low gain. And you do need a preamp with four outputs. The Primare Pre35 can do that job. All in all a beautiful duo that can do much more than most enthusiasts will think!”

    Review available in both English & Dutch.

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  • Home Cinema Choice, June, 2022
    Home Cinema Choice A35.8 Review

    “Overall, Primare’s A35.8 is a classy bit of kit, with a performance (plus a luxurious design and build) that feels commensurate with its not inconsiderable asking price. It’s more than capable in terms of power output to handle hungry speakers, and does so while keeping distortion or unwanted colouration at bay. Being able to bridge its amp channels to suit your requirements is another feather in its cap, as is its refined and insightful nature with music. I rate this an A-grade amplifier.”
    Five Star / Best Buy

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  • FDW Magazine, April 2022, The Netherlands
    Primare A35.8 – Eight times more muscle power

    “The Primare A35.8 is above all an output stage where each channel delivers an insane amount of power and a sound quality to enjoy. Eight times 150 Watts is already very nice. Where it really gets interesting for stereo enthusiasts is when you take those eight channels and start bridging”

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  • Homecinema Magazine, April 2022, Netherlands
    Homecinema Magazine A35.8 Review

    “With the A35.8, the Swedes show that they are back again. And that with a very special device. The Swedish brand goes one step further, delighting both music lovers looking for ultimate power and those building a high-level home cinema.”

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  • HiFi News, UK, March 2022
    A35.8 HFN Review

    “The channel count reaches eight because, sensibly, Primare has built it around bridgeable pairs, which means none need go to waste in a home cinema environment. Primare’s most powerful amp to date will service the most ambitious bi-, tri- or quad-amp loudspeaker solutions… a rare product that straddles the worlds of multichannel and hi-fi with aplomb. Its amp stage delivers scads of umblemished, responsive power, while its bridging ability is there to keep hungry loudspeakers well fed – and all this comes from a box no bigger than some monoblocks…” 

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  • Sound & Vision, USA, May 2019
    I15 Prisma Integrated Amplifier/DAC Review

    Flexible streaming options enhance the appeal of this sleek-looking integrated amplifier/DAC with serious audiophile pedigree and performance.”


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  • Vietnam AV Magazine, Viet Nam, December 2021
    Vietnam Audio & Visual Magazine 2021 Editors’ Choice Award Primare I35 Prisma

    I35: Editor’s Choice Award 2021 Best Buy All-In-One Integrated Amplifier

    Primare I35 Prisma is one of those rare hi-end devices that can satisfy many needs in a single device, with comprehensive connectivity and streaming, high amplification efficiency, and natural, rich and emotional sound quality. Not only worthy of the honor of the Editors’ Choice Award 2021 in the category “Best All-in-One Integrated Amplifier”, we consider that the Primare I35 Prisma is the amplifier design that leads the trend in the industry for the coming years.

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  • Stereo+, Norway, October 2021
    Stereo+ I15 Prisma MK2

    I15 Prisma MK2: Practical and Sounding (Praktisk og Vellydende)

    The sound of the Primare I15 Prisma has impressive control in the bass area providing a very good foundation on which the rest of the sound image can be built. The bass is also deep and powerful, and it cannot really be tipped off balance even on such grandiose speakers as Triangle Number 40th. Given that you do not play loud all the time.

    The midrange has something of the same playing style as the bass. It is precise and very controlled, while being detailed and open. The treble can best be described as neutral, and it plays fine and detailed without anything sticking out in the soundscape or becoming synthetic and artificial. The amplifier in combination with the built-in digital converter has an analog character that makes it easy to listen to music and which is nimble and flattering. The amplifier is still suitably detailed and open, and it has more than enough energy in all situations, but you never get it to fall on the bright side of neutral almost regardless of the choice of music.

    9 points / 5 Stars / Impressive

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  • FWD, The Netherlands, February 2022
    FWD NP5 Prisma MK2 Review

    NP5 Prisma MK2: Primare NP5 MK2 – Durable Expansion

    The Primare NP5 MK2 is a very specific type of device that can be useful in a number of situations. To breathe new life into older but still high-performing audio equipment, for example, or as a network player with zone controls in a custom install project. Its compact size and many streaming options are real advantages. The NP5 MK2 differs from a number of rivals in its focus on digital output and support for streaming technologies that will appeal to audiophiles. At the same time, it also has the mainstream options on board so that everyone can get started with it.

    9.0 / FWD Award – Excellent

    View full review
  • HIFI & Musik, March 2022, Sweden
    HIFI & Musik NP5 Prisma MK2 “Great buy” review

    “Primare NP5 is the network player for you who want to stream music without problems, and already have a D / A converter in the system. It’s hard not to recommend this small, flexible and versatile player and we look forward to upcoming big tests where it can, for example, take on the latest version of Bluesound’s Node player – one of the few serious competitors in the price range. Everyone who already has a Prisma device installed in their Primare product, is only to be congratulated. All of us can choose to buy a NP5 Prisma MK2”

    View/download full review as PDF
  • Stereo+, January 2022, Norway
    Stereo+ Årets Product NP5 Prisma

    “NP5 Prisma MK2 sounds open and precise, and not least analog and smooth. The tends to be a good sign that the device is in control of noise, jitter and analog noise components that can interfere with the music flow along the way.

    Primare NP5 Prisma MK2 does what it is supposed to, and in all its simplicity is exactly what a hi-fi enthusiast on a budget needs.”

    View/download full review as PDF
  • AVTech media 2020/2021
    R15 named AVTech Media 2020/2021 Best Phono Stage

    We are proud to announce that our R15 phono preamplifier has won the AVTech Media award 2020/2021 for best phono stage. The AVTech media awards are presented by the UK’s premium AV magazine brands – Home Cinema ChoiceHi-Fi Choice, and Hi-Fi News & Record Review.

    The following official award citation has been issued by AVTech Media:

    “Here’s an affordable MM/MC phono stage that adopts the low-noise, short-path circuit design of Primare’s costlier, full-size R35. The R15 offers impedance and capacitance settings for both pick-up types, a subsonic filter to tackle vinyl warp frequencies, and a choice of two gain settings for both MMs and MCs. The robust steelcasing inspires confidence, the Scandinavian design chic inspires envious looks, and the sound performance inspires lengthy vinyl listening sessions. Able to resolve detail, throw a light on dynamic contrasts and pull you into the music without adding its own character, it’s an ideal bridge between your vinyl player and amp.”


  • Stereo+, Norway, December 2021
    NP5 Prisma MK2 – Stereo+ awards it 5 Stars – Highly Recommended!

    “Instead of pushing a DAC and an analog output section into the device as most others have done, absolutely all the money has gone to make as good a streamer as possible, and it immediately sounds like they have succeeded in delivering a product with pleasant sound quality for the price. For no matter how strange it sounds, there is a difference between streamers even if they only send zeros and ones on to the DAC. Why does NP5 sound more distinct and more precise than a Bluesound Node in the latest version, and why does it sound like Sonos’ equivalent device is both grey and matte compared to the NP5, even though they send out a digital signal?

    Conclusion: With the NP5 Prisma MK2, Primare has created a smart and user-friendly streamer. Just what a budget HIFI enthusiast needs.”

    5 Stars – Highly recommended!

    View/download full review as PDF
  • HiFi+, UK, December 2021
    I35 Prisma: 2021 HiFi+ Integrated Amplifier of the Year (up to £10,000)

    “If ever there was a product that exhibits the notion that ‘the whole is greater than the sum of the parts’ it’s the Primare I35 Prisma… Perhaps it’s the absence of nonsense, the way it makes everything sound musically entertaining and enjoyable, or perhaps it’s the sheer ease of use. I’m pleased on a number of levels to have stepped from I35 to I35 Prisma, even though I suspect in today’s world most people will just opt for the full-fat Prisma version. But that insight into how we relate to streaming and how it changes our perception for the better will stay with me. Thanks!”


    View/download full review as PDF
  • Stereophile, US, April, 2022
    Primare A35.2: Stereophile Class A Recommended Component

    This hefty Swedish amplifier uses what Primare calls their “proprietary UFPD2 analogue class-D amplification technology” to deliver 200Wpc into 8 ohms. According to the manufacturer, UFPD2 integrates the class-D output stage and the necessary low-pass filter, “making control with feedback much more immediate and accurate.” HR found that with his Magnepan .7 speakers, the A35.2 sounded very similar to the slightly more expensive Bel Canto Ref600M class-D monoblocks. He wrote that the A35.2 “gripped the Magnepans’ diaphragms with greater control and force than either the class-A Pass Labs XA25 ($4900) or the $3495 all-tube, class-AB Rogue Stereo 100 (in Ultralinear mode). This control delivered a tauter, more rhythmic bass.” With Harbeth M30.2 speakers, HR found that the Primare’s high frequencies were “crisp and super-clear—but not luxuriant and engaging.” On the test bench, the Primare exceeded its specified powers, clipping at 225Wpc into 8 ohms and at 460Wpc into 4 ohms. 

  • HiFi+, UK, October 2021
    HiFi+ Innovation Award 2021

    Primare have received an Innovation award from HiFi+ with the following citation:

    First founded in 1985 by industrial designer Bo Christensen, Primare’s is perhaps one of the most recognisably Scandinavian brands in audio. Its combination of minimalism and good performance all point to a Swedish brand.

    So, when Primare uses a Swedish word to describe its ethos, perhaps we shouldn’t be too surprised. That word is ‘Lagom’ (pronounced ‘laah-goam’) and roughly translates to ‘just the right amount.’ In Primare’s world this means keeping everything in balance, harmony and proportion, and that the music – rather than the technology or the box in which it comes – should be the focus of audio.

    To this end, Primare employs a very modular approach to its product design, such as its latest Ultra Fast Power Device module (used throughout the range), which shows what Class D can do in the hands of very competent design engineers.

    Link to announcement: HiFi+200 Innovation Award 

    View/download full review as PDF
  • FWD, The Netherlands, July 2021
    Primare I15 and CD15 Prisma – a wonderful duo

    “We have experienced the Primare I15 and CD15 Prisma as a wonderful duo. We praise the balance that the manufacturer has managed to find in construction, optics and performance… The Prisma App is one of the best streaming apps on the market and soon all streaming Prisma products will even be ROON certified. When we weigh everything up, this Primare 15 Series reviewed by us is hard to beat. The sound quality is of an amazingly high level and the sound character particularly appeals to us.”

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  • Audio Test, Germany, July 2020
    SC15 Prisma: Cool Synergies – Phonar P4 Match Air and SC15 Prisma

    “The sound is free and sparkling. Especially in the bass, where the ensemble is practicing skillful restraint, however, the performance is not restrained in its liveliness. The performance wins thereby in spatial depth and gives that unmistakable song of abundant Swedish freedom.

    Sehr Gut – 88%”

    View/download full review as PDF
  • HVT, The Netherlands, June 2021
    R35: Viking and Vinyl

    What I like about the ‘no nonsense’ aspect of the R35 that is so appealing is that the character of the vinyl (recording, production, quality of mix, master and pressing) is presented quite frankly and not uncritically. My bad records really don’t get any better and the good versions sound better than I’ve ever heard them.”

    View/download full review as PDF
  • Hi Fi Choice, June 2021
    I15 MM: Beautiful System Review – MoFi/Primare/System Audio

    “I had envisaged writing a piece that focused on this real-world usability but, instead I’ve been sideswiped by the sheer joy that it offers. It is a reminder, though, that compromise is not a dirty word in audio. By making some considered compromises in their design thinking, these companies have created a system that brokers no compromise where it matters, and the results are outstanding.”

    View/download full review as PDF
  • AudioVideo, Poland, June 2021
    I25 Prisma: The Right Option

    “Listening to Primare playing from the NAS I realized how good this amplifier sounds in the context of the drastic simplification of the whole system… I started to appreciate the basic advantages of the Swedish construction. Undoubtedly the smoothness of the sound skillfully combined with a wide dynamic range, which does not have easily audible limitations or sense of compression. There is no doubt that the I25 is an amplifier that is efficient and fast, however it does not manifest any nervousness or excessive liveliness.”

    View/download full review as PDF
  • Audioreview, Italy, December 2020
    PRE35 Prisma & A35.2: Scandinavian Class D, Will it sound “cold”? Maybe not…

    There is a remarkable attention to detail and an unexpected sweetness. Wasn’t it just tubes that had such grace? Those who miss the old series of Primare’s AB class amps will finally be able to be convinced of the technical-commercial choices made beyond the Baltic. The warmth in the mid-range is absolutely not trivial. Voices are balanced, open and crisp, perfectly focused on stage. There is no sibilant out of place and at the same time the detail on the cymbals or any other instrument appears millimetric. A clue that confirms the naturalness effect is not achieved through some sweetening.

    View/download full review as PDF
  • Mint, Germany, May 2021
    R15: Phono Pre-Amplifier Primare R15

    “What is really impressive, however, is the lack of distortion and the resulting wide and at the same time contour-sharp spatial reproduction of the device: every mixing console track, every percussion or piano sprinkle, the small individual reverb spaces that occasionally envelop voices and instruments – all this gets and retains its fixed place. This creates a clear, confident order to the sound, from which even cheap pickups benefit enormously.”

    View/download full review as PDF
  • HiFi News, UK, December 2019
    PRE35 Prisma + A35.2: Primare PRE35/A35.2

    “Primare’s sophisticated PRE35/A35.2 combination is a class act. Especially in its priciest Prisma guise, it offers plentiful facilities coupled with slick ease-of-use and an enjoyably powerful sound. Furthermore, while optimised as a pair, both pre and power amp remain very competitive in their own right, the PRE35 as a go-to hub for comprehensive digital systems while the A35.2 is an all-round high-value powerhouse.”

    View/download full review as PDF
  • FWD, Benelux, Yearbook 2020
    PRE35 + A35.2: Ultimate Price/Quality Ratio

    “But the real knockout follows at the end this time and that is the unbelievably competitive price. I don’t know how they did it. But this PRE35 pre and A35.2 stereo power amplifier definitely belongs to the select group of best products of their kind that you can buy in this price range! For those who are not that traditional and have more to spend, there is ultimately also the more expensive PRISMA version with all possible DAC and network functionalities. Wow!”

    View/download full review as PDF
  • Audio Review, Italy, December 2020
    PRE35 Prisma + A35.2: Primare PRE35 Prisma and A35.2

    “There is a remarkable attention to detail and an unexpected sweetness. Wasn’t it just tubes that had such grace? Those who regret the old Primare AB series will finally be able to convince themselves of the technical-commercial choices made beyond the Baltic.”

    View/download full review as PDF
  • Salon AudioVideo. Russia, March 2021
    I35 and CD35

    “But the most interesting thing is that, choosing an intermediate solution (I35 only with DAC, and CD35 – in the full version, with a network board), but while having to pay a bit extra, you get the most flexible option. First, the system has two different DAC characteristics… Secondly, with additional digital inputs, it is possible to use not only more sources, but also alternative signal paths between the amplifier and the universal network CD player (one of them can be configured by cables specifically for some musical genre). After all, the SM35 Prisma streaming board can be moved from source to integrated if you want to try out a different configuration or part with the CD player altogether.”

    View full review
  • Vumètre, France, Septembre 2019
    Primare I35 Prisma

    “Versatile, focused on the future of high-fidelity, the Primare i35 foreshadows what the best sytems of tomorrow will be.”

    View/download full review as PDF
  • Diapason, France, February 2020
    SC15 Prisma: 11 Sources from 499€ to 6700€

    “The Primare SC15 network player is a great success, full of balance and not without personality. It is also an excellent preamplifier” – Diapason D’Or 

    View/download full review as PDF
  • Lyd & Bilde, Norway
    R35 – 6 Star Review

    ”If you are looking for a flexible phono stage that can be used on all pickups, and that plays heavenly without breaking the bank completely, the Primare R35 is one of the best choices in the price range below NOK 20,000. Outstanding / 6 stars ”

    View full review

  • Alpha-Audio, Netherlands - March 2021
    Primare i15 MM – Live Multitest integrated amplifiers 1200 – 1500 euro

    Dutch audio news website Alpha-Audio have conducted a live multitest on selected integrated amplifiers in the price range of 1200 to 1500 euro.

    View full review
  • Lyd & Bilde, Norway
    I35 Prisma Review

    “Primare I35 Prisma is a gem of an amplifier. As a network player, it can stream almost anything, both audio formats and music services. And as an amplifier, it sounds brilliant.

    Its biggest advantage is that it tells the truth. It sounds both neutral and tight, and lets the speakers determine the final sound signature. The amplifier keeps the sound image whether you play low or high. It will work with the vast majority of speakers, the magic of the music flows out anyway. Special Recommendation / 5 stars”

    View full review
  • Stereo+, Norway, January 2021
    Primare R35 awarded Phono Preamp Product of the Year 2020-2021 by Stereo+

    “So what are the arguments for buying a Primare R35? First, it has more settings and higher flexibility than most of its competitors in the price range. This in itself provides a usable guarantee that you get the full potential of your pickup and turntable, no matter what you want to buy or have before. If you already have Primare and want your system to sound great and at the same time look holistic and stylish, just buy. Primare R35 is stylish, impressively flexible, and plays brilliantly.”
  • HiFi+
    I35 Prisma HiFi+ Review

    In a very real way, I’ve not had a more immediate example of just how potentially game-changing this is, even though I’ve been working with computer audio in some way or form since the Napster days. This isn’t a ‘technology’ issue, it’s one of philosophy of listening and the psychology of the listener. You change your way of thinking between ‘I35’ and ‘I35 Prisma’ and the change is well met and worth making.  

    The addition of Prisma almost immediately changes your perception of the Primare I35 from ‘amplifier’ to ‘ complete music-making entity’. It stops being just another product on the shelf, because it challenges the need for the rest of those products on the other shelves in your system. Even with a significant collection of unripped discs playing through a disc spinner of some description, you find yourself drawn almost inexorably to streaming; not in some Svengali-like way and not just for simplicity. It’s because music happens that way and you want to get more of it. 

    View/download full review as PDF
  • Audio Review, Italy, September 2020
    R15: Primare R15

    “I listened to this phono preamp with great interest and I must say I was impressed. The high level of construction and, above all, its performance would suggest a much higher price than the one thousand euros required to own it. Over the years I have had several phono preamps and, especially at the beginning of my audio adventure, my gripe was that I could not afford the expense necessary to purchase a suitable phono. If there had been the Primare R15, I would have solved the problem.”

    View/download full review as PDF
  • StereoLife, Poland, December 2020
    Primare PRE35 Prisma + A35.2

    “The PRE35 Prisma and A35.2 are ideal in many ways. Neutrality, linearity, transparency combined with smoothness and dynamics combined with high playing culture. A sound in which the music itself plays the leading role. A set that does justice to the rest of the track. A system for audiophiles who are convinced that they are looking for such a sound and will sincerely love it, as well as for music lovers who do not know yet whether their hearts will be taken over by sweet triodes or cold, boorish transistors. It is a beautiful, functional pair where you can listen to any music with any speakers.”
    View full review
  • HiFi+, UK, November 2020
    R35: Primare R35 solid-state, MM/MC phono stage

    “The Primare R35 is that rare thing: an audio component with a lot of features that also sounds exceptionally revealing. Usually, it’s one or the other, so getting both in a professionally executed package with some superior styling touches at a sensible price is quite an achievement.”

    View/download full review as PDF
  • The HiFi Studio, The Netherlands, August 2020
    I35: Dynaudio Contour 20i and Primare I35 Prisma

    The combination of the Danish speakers and the Swedish amplifier is very successful. After the review of the Dynaudio Contour 20i and the Primare I35 Prisma, together they form a Scandinavian variant for a fast and dynamic reproduction, coupled with a high degree of transparency. They offer the listener a deep insight into the details and emotions of different music styles. What’s not to like?”

    View full review
  • Salon Audio Video, Russia, November 2020
    R15: The Science to Win

    “The first impression is that the musical balance is perfectly maintained, the instruments sound natural, with a rich spectrum, and nothing is “overheated” – neither the midrange nor the top… There are many more technical aspects, but the result is the same, rich and lively sound both in MM and MC modes.”

    View full review
  • Music Emotion, The Netherlands, November 2020
    R15, SC15, I15 MM, CD15 Prisma: The Swedish Approach

    “The 15 Series includes after all, relatively many models, so that anyone can build a system which suits their needs… And that fits in perfectly with Primare’s focus on ‘lagom’ (read: exactly what is needed), which is the Swedish approach.”

    View/download full review as PDF
  • Qobuz Store Magazine, USA, June 2020
    I15 Prisma: Primare I15 Prisma: the best streaming amplifier on the market?

    “Primare’s integrated network amplifier is decked out to the brim and includes numerous functions within a reduced format and exhaustive connectivity. Such products are made to replace each and every component within an entire HiFi system: nothing more is required than to connect it to your speakers. This is what HiFi in 2020 looks without making any concessions in musical quality… A real catch, a Qobuzissime worthy of the name.”

    View full review
  • AVTech, United Kingdom, December 2018
    AVTech Media Award 2018/2019: Best Stereo Integrated Amplifier I15 Prisma

    “This small-footprint integrated amplifier combines DAC and streaming capabilities with a Class D output stage inside a remarkably clean-looking chassis. It puts out a claimed 2x60W into 8ohm and delivers a sound that is more potent than its three-quarter-width dimensions might suggest. In use, its majestic grace, poise and control is matched by a measured and even tonality. Smooth, couth and sophisticated, Primare’s I15 Prisma proves that you can have the convenience of app control, stylish elegance and musical satisfaction all in one.”

  • EISA, International, August 2018
    EISA AMPLIFIER 2018-2019 Award: Primare I15 Prisma

    “Primare’s industrial design speaks volumes in this stylish, slimline amplifier. Despite being just three-quarters the size of conventional separates, it punches way above its weight in sound and features. Alongside conventional analogue inputs, there’s a hi-res PCM/DSD DAC plus Prisma connectivity and control technology that includes Bluetooth, AirPlay, Spotify Connect and Chromecast (with Roon) functionality. It sounds surprisingly good for its size – super-smooth and creamy with detail aplenty and satisfying stage depth. The proven Class D power amplifier is meaty enough to drive most loudspeakers, while the fascia’s crisp OLED display keeps track of source and volume settings. Factor in the svelte alloy casework and the I15 Prisma makes great sense for those seeking something out of the ordinary.”

  • HiFi+, UK, September 2020
    DD15, SC15 Prisma, R15, I15 MM: Primare 15 System

    “For my part, I’d be happy with the system whichever way it was put together… In other words, if you want to keep your options open and have all of those options sound good, don’t be surprised if all your electronics end up with a Primare logo on the front.”

    View/download full review as PDF
  • Stereo+, Norway, September 2020
    R35: Sound on the Very Top Shelf

    “Only seconds into the first track, it is clear that the Primare R35 creates a large and beautiful three-dimensional space, and it does so without over focusing on certain instruments or certain areas of the frequency range. The sound is very well balanced, the dynamics are excellent, and the sound is neat and precisely reproduced… The focus on voices and instruments is excellent and makes the music experience believable and natural. The voices are drawn in the middle, with the rest of the band or orchestra beautifully and neatly placed in both width and depth on the back. Five Stars.”

    View/download full review as PDF
  • Stereo, DE, August 2020
    R15: Simple & Moving

    “The R15 masters the art of combining transparency with tonal cohesion, which makes a significant contribution to the sophisticated aura exuded by the pleasantly discreet Primare, whose equally unaffected and stylish design found an equivalent in the sound. The R15 performs beyond its price range and was also not overwhelmed by high-quality pickups – regardless of the type. So, the supposedly simple Primare turned out to be quite moving in the end. Price/Performance – Outstanding.”

    View/download full review as PDF
  • HIFI.NL, Benelux, July 2020
    PRE35 Prisma: Primare PRE35 with WiSA and System Audio Legend Audio 40 Silverback

    “From the perspective of the discerning music lover, the interesting thing is that this wireless music system makes very few compromises in audio quality. The WiSA system is lossless and hi-res (to a certain extent), and together with a source/hub like the PRE35 you talk about a high-end audio chain that remains completely in the hi-fi atmosphere. Thanks to Primare’s excellent Prisma platform, you are in the right place in terms of streaming options. 4.5 stars out of 5.”

    View full review
  • Hi-Fi News, UK, May 2020
    R35: Primare R35

    “Primare R35 – Flagship phono stage is an analogue triumph… it is an incredibly flexible and capable phono stage that seemingly has the ability to extract the very best from any cartridge that crosses its path. A rare feat at any price, this only further pumps up the R35’s value. OUTSTANDING PRODUCT.”

    View/download full review as PDF
  • Hi-Fi Choice,. UK, May 2020
    R15: Prime Candidate

    “Nine minutes of “Comfortably Numb” isn’t just atmospheric but utterly mesmerising with a sense of air and unfettered bandwidth that captures the scale and magic of the music and the venue… This has nothing to do with the hyped presence some phono stages employ to pep up proceedings, but a precision and focus that doesn’t blunt edges, blur textures or drag tempos and presents the solid and the spacious as a coherent whole with the full spectrum of tonal colours and accurately rendered instrumental timbres. Recommended, Five Stars.”

    View/download full review as PDF
  • AV High End, Poland, May 2020
    PRE35 Prisma and A35.2: Strong and Polished

    “Both the PRE35 preamplifier and the A35.2 power amplifier deserve high marks in relation to the quality of their reasonable prices… The power amplifier is fast, detailed, offers high-quality transparency and very good insight into recordings, without the drawbacks or restrictions associated with class D… The additional advantage of both devices is excellent aesthetics and quality of workmanship.”

    View/download full review as PDF
  • Audio Stereo, Poland, March 2020
    Primare I35 + DD35: The victory of the heart over reason

    “Equipment not only worth listening to, definitely worth having as proof that music can be different. To quote Piotr Wierzbicki, “I hate Tchaikovsky and Mahler because they were too tearful, unmanly.” Primare will not spare some of your music choices, but it will give you great pleasure with other albums. definitely worth having as proof that music can be different.”

    View full review
  • Stereolife, Poland, July 2019
    I15 Prisma: Primare I15 Prisma

    “The Swedes have followed a fairly obvious path here – if you can hear more, it means it’s better. It’s hard to disagree with that, because listening to their basic amplifier you get the impression that the music reaches you without artificial barriers and delays.”

    View full review
  • Audio Stereo, Poland, April 2020
    I15 Prisma: “Toddler” with huge possibilities

    “So if you are looking for a small amplifier with virtually unlimited possibilities for the world of digital streaming and a wealth of connections, if you are looking for an immersive sound that consistently reveals subtle shadings and details – the I15 will be the perfect partner for long evenings.”

    View full review
  • Hificlass, Poland, June 2020
    NP5 Prisma: Primare NP5 Prisma

    “If anyone is planning to upgrade their system with network functionalities, then they should consider the Primare proposal. With a good DAC, NP5 Prisma transport is able to offer the sound that is natural, musical, but also dynamic and detailed, with convincing space and impeccable stereo.”

    View full review
  • Audio PL, March 2020
    NP5 Prisma: Streaming Different

    “Ease of use, Chromecast, Bluetooth, AirPlay 2 and compatibility with Roon create very large functional possibilities, and the natural, almost “analog” sound – obtained even from lower quality streaming services – is a real surprise and also the biggest advantage of this inconspicuous device. Colours and micro dynamics mean that emotions from listening to music, despite some restrictions of objective quality, are guaranteed. Again, it turns out that not the specifications, but the right concept and its efficient implementation matter the most. Bravo!”

    View/download full review as PDF
  • On Off, Spain, February 2020
    A35.2: Primare A35.2 Stereo Amplifier

    “UFPD 2 brings subtle but noticeable improvements to its predecessor, the first of which is a new output circuitry developed to keep gain constant throughout the entire audio frequency range. The result is absolutely linear amplification, with a lower noise level and an improved tonal balance that provides absolutely “black” backgrounds for music, making the music more holographic in character; in short, greater naturalness.”

    View/download full review as PDF
  • Stereo, Germany, May 2020
    I25 Prisma: Music Box of Swedish Steel

    “The bottom line is that the Primare I25 is a piece of great Swedish workmanship, that is a lot of fun in every respect. Four Stars – Excellent.”

    View full review
  • Stereoplay, Germany, February 2020
    R15: Schwedenhappen

    “But the R15 enchanted us. It was warm, soulful, quick, brilliant – the best of both Worlds. By the standards one would have our best list quite double for that quality. Therefore, a highlight and a loud one. Buy recommendation.”

    View/download full review as PDF
  • EISA, International, August 2019

    “Recipient of a previous EISA Award, Primare continues its winning ways with this I35 amplifier and CD35 Prisma CD/network player. The amplifier is a simple, but fabulous- sounding, all-analogue design that delivers plenty of power using the company’s UFPD 2 amplification. Its modular design means you can add Primare’s DAC stage, and the Prisma network/multi-room module, when required. The CD35 Prisma CD player is also fully networked, offering wired and wireless connectivity for AirPlay, Bluetooth and Spotify Connect, as well as Chromecast built-in to access thousands of streaming services. This is so much more than a simple CD player/amp system: It’s the future of hi-resolution home hi-fi.”

  • Vumetre, France, February 2020
    PRE35 Prisma + A35.2: PRE35 PRISMA + A35.2

    “Musical, full of life and with disconcerting ease in the most delicate situations, this set seduced us …”

    View/download full review as PDF
  • ON-MAG, France, December 2019
    I25 DAC: A hifi amplifier, both very efficient, audiophile, and does everything!

    “The Primare I25 is also very dynamic. It is muscular, capable of powering large and difficult speakers. But it is also the perfect “tough guy with a tender heart”, able to strike the blows on a piece of vindictive Rap, and then shoot you a little tear of emotion, a few moments later, on an emotional Pop or Country ballad.”

    View full review
  •, France, October 2019
    I15 Prisma: Primare I15 Prisma

    “We feel that Primare masters its subject. With this amplifier, the music takes shape: it is devoid of any “artistic” blur or overly “insistent” colouring, or displacement. The emphasis was placed on smoothness with a deep sense of detail and consistency that I would not have suspected at first. Also, I recommend without restriction that you get to know the musical flavour of the I15. Good tasting!”

    View full review
  • ON-MAG, February, March 2019
    I15 Prisma: A small high-end HiFi amplifier, ultra-square and ultra-connected

    “The sound reproduction is particularly clean, pure, square with a notable absence of all forms of coloring. The Primare I15 Prisma is not a demonstrative, exuberant amplifier that imposes its personality. On the contrary, it is very neutral, both soft and precise.”

    View full review
  • Le Blog d'Eric, France, April 2020
    NP5 Prisma: NP5

    “The Primare NP5 is a HiFi streamer with three essential qualities. It integrates perfectly with any existing system thanks to its tiny format and digital outputs. It is universal in its operation by ensuring compatibility with all music services via Chromecast, AirPlay 2 , UPnP/DLNA and Roon. Finally, it delivers a catchy sound without being tiring. The NP5 offers smooth reproduction to play any type of music, whatever your tastes. The ideal companion for a HiFi system wishing to go digital.”

    View full review
  • Qobuz Magazine, France, April 2020
    NP5 Prisma: test of a mini network player that knows how to do the maximum

    “The Primare NP5 Prisma is fast becoming a staple in the world of small, accessible network players. Its universality with the support of Chromecast for Android and AirPlay 2 for iOS already make it a device without constraint. For those wishing to go further, the NP5 is Roon Ready for high-resolution playback and access to your file library. Thanks to Chromecast and AirPlay 2, the NP5 is directly accessible from the Qobuz app. On the sound side, we can describe this player as an audiophile by its ability to get the smallest detail for a precise and lively exploration of music.”

    View full review
  • ON-MAG, France, May 2020
    NP5 Prisma: an ultra-complete Chromecast, AirPlay 2 and Roon mini streamer

    “NP5 fulfils several offices. First of all, it will allow users of Primare products from previous generations to easily update their amplifier or preamplifier by providing them with the connected function thanks to a direct link between the two devices. Then, for audiophiles who have based their streaming system on Roon, the NP5 is a quality Roon Endpoint, ready to use and simple to implement. Finally, this small audio player can also be inserted into any system and facilitate use thanks to AirPlay 2, Chromecast and Spotify Connect. Anyone in the household can easily send it music. Connected to quality equipment, that makes HiFi to live with, without constraint.”

    View full review
  • Stereo +, Norway, March 2019
    I35 Prisma: Complete Control and Great Sound

    “With its own amplifier technology, delicious and purely Nordic design and sound that both press and hi-fi enthusiasts appreciate, and last year Primare received an EISA award for its products… here’s another product that you should actually put on your wish list if it’s control, precision and midrange dynamics you want. The Primare I35 offers everything you need for a carefree hifi life no matter which speaker is used! Five Stars.”

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  • Stereo +, Norway, May 2018
    I15 Prisma: Cool and Compact

    “For anyone looking for a complete amplifier for a smaller system, it is near perfect. It plays brilliantly, has a sensible and well-functioning equipment package, and as long as it is not pressed into completely senseless circumstances, it also delivers great and engaging sound with true presence. Five Stars.”

    View full review
  • Absolute Sound, USA, June 2019
    I35 Prisma: New Blood

    “Never have integrated amps been asked to do so much musically and functionally. But any way you want to listen, the I35 Prisma is at your beck and call. Maybe you only want to stream from Tidal or one of the other services. Or play back music from a computer or network storage. Maybe you’ll never spin a CD or an LP, or even own a recording in any physical format. The I35 is non-denominational. But like a virtual butler, it’s poised at the ready should you change your mind. In sum, Primare’s latest is a rock-solid performer excelling in a highly competitive bracket. It met or exceeded all my expectations.”

    View full review
  • Soundstage Simplifi, Canada, May 2019
    SC15 Prisma: Primare SC15 Prisma Streaming DAC-Preamp

    “Primare’s SC15 Prisma streaming preamplifier is a beautifully built, fine-sounding component that can accommodate a plethora of digital sources as well as high-quality streaming from mobile devices, and its small footprint makes it very attractive for use in multi-purpose living spaces.”

    View full review
  • Stereophile, USA, April 2020
    A35.2: Primare A35.2 power amplifier

    “My time spent with the Primare A35.2 amplifier reminded me that there still is no such thing as a perfect, one-size-fits-all amplifier. Some amps are stronger or more engaging than others. Some deliver exciting force, while others deliver subtle, enduring charms. Some, like the Primare A35.2, have high-toned manners, can dance the latest dance, and sometimes even order fine wine. Which reminds me: I never actually drank that Chateau Margaux. But I swear to you, the Primare amplifier looked expensive and sounded ooh la la! with the unopened bottle sitting next to it.”

    View full review
  • HiFi News, UK, February 2019
    928: Primare 928 System Vintage Review

    ”Contemporary Primare products are hugely sophisticated, but there is no denying that its very first – the 928 System – was exceptional by any measure. In terms of aesthetics, ergonomics and sonics it is markedly ahead of its age having a timelessness to both its beauty and its sound that makes it one of hi-fi’s greats. ‘Design,’ as Le Corbusier once said, ‘is intelligence made visible’, and the 928 System is genius.”

    View/download full review as PDF
  • Yellow Box, Greece, June 2020
    CD15 Prisma: Primare CD15 Prisma! Scandinavian Jewelry.

    “After all, Primare’s CD Player is more than just a CD Player. It is aimed at friends who, while demanding a very good solution for their CD library, are also interested in the convenience of wireless playback and streaming services. Being a package of elegant, minimalist look with correspondingly elegant musical presence but at the same time offering many possibilities, the CD15 is a remarkable proposal for any living room.”

    View full review
  • Alpha Audio, The Netherlands, April 2019
    I15 Prisma: Primare I15 Prisma amplifier streamer

    “The Primare I15 Prisma is a modern all-rounder with high user-friendliness. The sound is balanced, entirely according to the philosophy of this Swedish manufacturer. The amplifier, the DAC and the streamer are all excellent. The small Primare I15 Prisma can be the digital heart of a beautiful set that takes up little space but still plays big. We say: Alpha Approved!”

    View full review
  • Alpha Audio, The Netherlands, October 2019
    NP5 Prisma: Primare Prisma NP5 compact network player

    “The new Primare Prisma NP5 is a network player intended to be easily integrated into any existing hi-fi system. Your installation is immediately up to date. The Primare Prisma NP5 is an extensive network player in a compact size. The device is among others Roon ready and can handle AirPlay 2, Bluetooth, Chromecast and Spotify Connect. You can connect the player to any existing system, the only condition being that a digital input (coax or optical) is available somewhere.”

    View full review
  • Alpha-Audio, The Netherlands, June 2020
    R35: Review Primare R35 phono pre-amp

    “Primare proves with the R35 that a top product does not have to cost power. What a fantastic sounding preamp for your record player and cartridge. Your vinyl will sound better no matter what element you connect to it. You get detail, musicality, dynamics, soundstage, in short everything that makes music. The R35 allows you to fine-tune the tuning in detail, which is a job that will reward you richly. We will use this Primare R35 as a reference phono preamp and that of course includes an Alpha Approved predicate. Bra gjort (“well done” in Swedish), Primare! Five Stars, Alpha Approved.”

    View full review
  • Stereoplay, Germany, May 2020
    PRE35 Prisma + A35.2: Volcano in Two Stages (English)

    “This pre/power tandem conjures up lust and passion, no matter how classically-refined its appearance may be. We were thrilled… We would like to go easy on our proofs of love. But we have really fallen for these two Swedes. As a mix of control centre and powerhouse we don’t know a better tandem in this price category.”

    Read the German version here.

    View/download full review as PDF
  • Stereoplay, Germany, May 2020
    PRE35 Prisma + A35.2: Vulkan in zwei Stufen (German)

    “Diese Vor/End-Kombi erzaubert Lust und Leidenschaft, so klassisch-fein sie auch aussehen mag. Wir waren begeistert… Wir wollen sparsamer mit unseren Liebesbezeugungen umgehen. Aber diese beiden Schweden haben es uns ange- tan. Als Mix aus Zentrale und Kraftbereiter kennen wir in die- ser Preisregion kein besseres Duo.”

    Read the English version here

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  • HomeCinema Magazine, March 2020
    SC15 Prisma: System Audio Speakers and Primare SC15, HiFi Without Wires

    “Marry the Primare SC15 with the System Audio silverback 5 legend speakers and you get a complete music system that performs very ear-friendly. It is extremely versatile, in particular thanks to Primare’s Prisma platform, which has many streaming options. The great thing about all this is that you enjoy it without the disadvantages of many cables and complex stacks of equipment. Thanks to WiSA technology, you do not compromise on quality, and you no longer have to think about how you will conceal that speaker cable. In short, this makes this system a rock-solid entry for the ‘better sound for the living room for now’ championship.”

    View full review
  • Audio, Germany, May 2020
    R35: Professional Appearance

    “Technically well designed, the Primare R35 is at the forefront of its price range. Not as a show off, but with strict neutrality with no effort. That is what I call to the point.”

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  • HiFi+, UK, March 2020
    I35: HiFi+ 2020 Editor’s Choice Award

    “In fact, at no time and with no combination of bits and pieces I have to hand (and there are a lot of them) did it exhibit any do not like it properties or characteristics. Tonally, the I35 is rich and satisfying rather than bright and breezy, and yet it comes over as both energetic and dynamic sounding.”

    View/download full review as PDF
  • Hi-Fi Choice, UK, March 2020
    I25 Prisma: Prime Number

    “There is no mush or muddle here, no hype or hurry, just balance, control and clarity. If you like a sound that is fast, open, clean, clear, dynamically expressive and devoid of manipulative emphasis, the I25 Prisma ticks all the boxes. Analogue and digital in graceful harmony? That perfectly sums up the Primare I25 Prisma.
    Enthusiastically recommended.”

    View/download full review as PDF
  • HiFi News, United Kingdom, October 2018
    I15 Prisma: Primare I15 Prisma networked amplifier

    “Such is the elegant industrial design of this compact, network-capable integrated amp that its versatility might, on very brief examination, be missed. For alongside its fine sound there’s extensive functionality including Roon and Chromecast. Decidedly not a minimalist product, the Primare I15 Prisma is a lovely listen that packs a wealth of technology into a small box, and does so with great elan. HIGHLY COMMENED.”

    View full review
  • Hi-Fi Voice, Czech Republic, July 2019
    I25: Primare I25

    “The sound is clear, it is solid and dynamic, it has a bit of an analytical tendency and, above all, it does not impose any particular character on the whole. But it is not a tense technical performance, it remains impartial and close to the theoretical audiophile ideal. A big bonus is the possibility to expand its capabilities with a solid D/A converter module and/or the Prisma module, which will provide the comfort of the world of streaming and modern control. Overall, the Primare I25 is a frequency-balanced and tonal-neutral amplifier, well processed and very orderly – at least on paper, it is very close to the theoretical hi-fi ideal.”

    View full review
  • Music Emotion, The Netherlands, July/August 2019
    I15 MM + CD15 Prisma: A Delightful Duo

    “We have experienced the Primare I15 and CD15 Prisma as one blissful duo together. We praise the balance that the manufacturer has been able to achieve in construction, optics and performance… New from the box, we immediately fall for the warm-neutral sound signature and the detailed sound stage of the I15… The CD15 Prisma is just about everything that could be expected from of a modern digital player… the price-performance ratio is unsurpassed.”

    View/download full review as PDF
  • Alpha-Audio, The Netherlands, December 2020
    I15 MM and SC15 Prisma: Primare duo

    “What a great duo this is! We hear loads of details, a lot of enthusiasm and a lot of speed. It is especially the i15 that realizes this. It gets an Alpha Approved from us. Truly a GREAT amplifier.”

    View full review
  • High Fidelity, Poland, July 2019
    I25: I25 Test

    “It turns out that the Primare I25 is a very versatile device that will fit most systems, will show off most discs in a nice way. Playing with a large, full sound in which the midrange is most important, but not because the frequency extremes are limited – absolutely not, as I would even say that the bass is slightly pronounced and the treble has a lot of energy – but we have such an impression because everything is sweet and pleasant.”

    View full review
  • Fair Audio, Germany, June 2019
    I25: Primarily Versatile

    “Even though Primare’s I25 Integrated amplifier’s cleanliness, deep-bass strength, and control can be considered to be prime virtues, it is first and foremost an all-rounder without any real weaknesses or anything that draws attention… The Swede, at all times, with its effortless homogenous musicality, unconditional control and balanced, slightly sonorous tonality, avoids sounding hard or flat. This makes the I25 suitable as an inspiring sounding companion for the long term – even in combination with more demanding loudspeakers.”

    View full review
  • HiFi Choice, UK, May 2019
    I15 Prisma: Beautiful System – Primare / Falcon Acoustics – Emotional content

    “What we have here is a system that consistently shows that character is not a polite excusing of flaws or faults. It is utterly vice-less to live with and has a specification that allows it to perform almost any role you can envisage from an audio system in 2019. Thanks to the materials involved and the care and effort in their construction, the result is an almost perfect physical manifestation of equipment that generates the feeling that has me referencing kung fu movies. Every time I’ve sat down to listen to this system, I’ve ended up happier than when I started… and it doesn’t get much better than that.”

    View/download full review as PDF
  • Audio Video, Poland, May 2019
    I15 Prisma: Swedish Integration

    “I15 behaves like a pure audiophile amplifier with normal dimensions. In the sonic sphere, there is no indication that the housing is half as big as usual. I was surprised by the maturity and richness of the sound – its scale, momentum, and power. And amazingly low compression.”

    View/download full review as PDF
  • Hi fi Stars, June 2019, Germany
    SC15 – No small thing

    “The versatile Primare SC15 Prisma cuts an excellent figure both as an analogue preamplifier and as a converter and network player. In doing so, it combines useful functions with its priority for high-quality audio playback. As an overall package, I see very few competitors on par for the SC15 Prisma in its price range.”

    View/download full review as PDF
  • Stereo I Kolorowo-Underground, Poland, May 2019
    I35 Prisma + CD35 Prisma: Primare I35 Prisma and Primare CD35 Prisma

    “I35 Prisma illustrates the soul and sense of music with high tonal grip and low sibilance, nicely paints vast music landscapes and, at the same time, provides a naturally fast, transparent and agile sound. What’s more, the Swedish integrated has an inexhaustible ability to “revive” recordings. For example, on the album Keith Jarrett Trio “Somewhere” (ECM – 2009) the piano of the Steinway Grand Master, vibrating Peacock double bass strings, and DeJohnette’s delicate hi-hat drums were clearly present in the room, creating thus a perfectly balanced picture rich in detail and texture, providing the perfect insight into the emotional core of trio music.”

    View full review
  • HiFi+, UK, Issue 172, May 2019
    I25 Prisma: Primare I25 Prisma integrated amplifier

    “Make no mistake, products like the Primare I25 Prisma are the best expression of why this is a golden age for audio. This one box does it all, and it does it all damn well!”

    View/download full review as PDF
  • HiFi Musik, Sweden, April 2019
    Effortless streaming – Primare’s new talents

    “I have myself never heard a amplifier in this price class that sounds so explosive and powerful in the low end, yet sounding so subtle and detailed with precision.”

    View/download full review as PDF
  • On Magazine, France, March 2019
    I15 Prisma: Primare I15 Prisma test: a small hi-end amp, ultra solid and ultra connected

    “The sound reproduction is particularly clean, pure, solid with a notable absence of all forms of coloration. The Primare I15 Prisma is not a demonstrative, exuberant amplifier that imposes its personality. On the contrary, it has great neutrality, at the same time soft and precise. But that does not stop it from being strong.”

    View full review
  • Music Emotion, The Netherlands, October 2018
    I25 Prisma + DD35: On the must hear list

    “The I25 Prisma is a dike of an amplifier that plays music easily and naturally. From the first note you have the impression that the view is just right. No emphasis on a particular aspect, simply a complete picture. The DD35 CD transport will make every true CD enthusiast happy. Beautifully built and equally good sounding. Anyone who is looking for a new amplifier or CD player would be doing themselves a serious injustice if both Primare devices are not put on their must hear list!”

    View/download full review as PDF
  • Music Emotion, The Netherlands, October 2018
    I15 Prisma + DD15: A nice musical adventure

    “The time I spent with the Primare I15 Prisma and DD15 goes into the books as a nice musical adventure. Not only did this beautifully designed and pleasantly compact set offer me an interesting look at the already current future vision of Primare, I also really listened to it with great pleasure.”

    View/download full review as PDF
  • Audio Accessory, Japan, Summer 2018
    I35 + CD35: CD35/I35 Best New Components

    “A new series that has evolved dramatically enough to establish a new level for the brand.”

    View/download full review as PDF
  • Stereo, Japan, June 2018
    I35 + CD35: Notable New Products File

    “In addition to the beauty of being natural sounding, depth and transparency are further enhanced… a design that harmonises Scandinavian warmth and sophistication.”

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  • Audio Video, Poland, December 2018
    CD35: CD with potential

    “So, success? Of course. It is enough that CD35 offers a potentially attractive and interesting expansion option for the Prisma network player module, which will turn this disc player into a true multi-format source, in addition to being a class-leading player. A CD about free, open, natural and – most importantly – engaging sound. Feeling the sound of progress, without a doubt. RECOMMENDED.”

    View/download full review as PDF
  • TONEAudio, USA, Issue 91
    I35 Prisma: Primare I35

    “The 30 series amplifiers have a well-deserved reputation for fantastic sound, stellar build quality, and understated visual design. The new UPFD 2 power amplifier features 150 watts per channel, and like the model before it, defies pre-conceived notions of what you might think Class-D sounds like. It’s actually quite good. For the music lover wanting high performance, a modest form factor and stunning good looks, look no further.”

    View/download full review as PDF
  • fairaudio, Germany, December 2018
    I35 Prisma: Reinforced Networked

    “At the beginning I wrote: “He does not disappoint me.” What’s more – the elegant Swede has convinced me right down the line! First, it is a lively and well-balanced amplifier that proves sensitivity in the right places Secondly, it is an extremely complete D/A converter, capable of mastering all common digital formats, including high bit, and is well equipped, and last but not least, it is a multifunctional interface for a home music network and cooperates with the most popular streaming services.”

    View/download full review as PDF
  • Fairaudio, Germany, December 2018
    I35 Prisma: Primare I35 Prisma – Fairaudio’s Favorite AWARD 2019

    “Primare I35 Prisma – fairaudio’s favourite award 2019, integrated amplifier with DAC and streamer – awarded by the fairaudio editorship due to excellent sound characteristics. Exceptional clarity, a fine feel for nuance and rhythmic flair throws the Swedish integrated amplifier into balance – which also includes, in the tested version, a network player and DAC module for great connectivity. And on top of that is the chic Scandinavian design.”

    View/download full review as PDF
  • HiFi einsnull, Germany, November 2018
    I15 Prisma: “alter schwede” (“Gosh”)

    “The Primare I15 Prisma is a great-sounding, modern hi-fi system. Flexible and equipped with a wonderfully powerful amplifier. The I15 offers everything you need to really enjoy listening to music. Whether you want to describe this as a Scandinavian way of life or elegant simplicity, is up to you. However, it is clear that with the I15 Primare has created a slim, versatile and powerful sound system. So, they’re just doing something right, these Swedes.”

    View/download full review as PDF
  • Stereo, Germany, October 2018
    I15 Prisma: On your own path

    “Primare’s Prisma series achieves a brilliant performance: the compact Integrated amplifier I15 is not only exceptionally powerful, but by a clever trick also supports all web services. With Primare’s Prisma line we now have another candidate who could raise the bar. The handy amplifier delivers a whopping 146 watts into four ohms, its impulse even reaches 197 watts – delivering powerful dynamics and steadfastness that you can do a small box would never dare! For his silky, never sharp and at the same time incomparably broad and spatial Meanwhile, the precursor tone is responsible – and that is very built up and analog. 5 Stars – OUTSTANDING”

    View/download full review as PDF
  • Audio, Germany, October 2018
    DD15: Slot Machine

    “Matching the I15 Prisma, this CD transport does exactly what it’s supposed to do: digital delivery from silver discs, and it does not need an analog output. Granted, the equipment of the DD15 is spartan, but it does not need more for CD music enjoyment… the great display could reveal a bit more information, but this does not diminish the enjoyment of music, because the sound is ultimately made by the digitally connected converter.”

    View/download full review as PDF
  • Audio, Germany, October 2018
    I15 Prisma: Licensed to Sound

    “May I introduce myself? Prisma! Primare Prisma! That would be the words of the I15, if it should play the main role in a James Bond movie. The I15 just has a “license to sound.” For me, as a pronounced digital fan, the I15 Prisma was a real revelation. Great app, super-fast response in all situations, and a great, powerful sound. After a short time, I did not want to give it up. 97 points – Outstanding.”

    View/download full review as PDF
  • Audio Review, Italy, September 2018
    I15 Prisma: Primare I15 Prisma

    “We can agree with EISA’s decision to reward this excellent Primare product. A small and elegant amplifier which also includes the functions to reproduce any audio content present on directly connected hard drives or sent over-digital inputs or streaming via network or through all the main wireless technologies. But above all, it is an apparatus capable of supplying sound, as well as features, that go well beyond expectations, considering its sale price set well under two thousand euros.”

    View/download full review as PDF
  • HVT, The Netherlands, September 2018
    I15 Prisma: Compact, All-In-One and Just Right

    “Compact and Powerful: The dimensions of the I15 say nothing about the performance, because the amplifier combines power and refinement and by the broad support of modern hi-res audio formats you can also enjoy the best quality music. The I15 Prisma indeed delivers, as Primare has already thought up, performance that matches the Swedish expression ‘LAGOM’. This is just right. Especially when you look at the price.”

    View/download full review as PDF
  • FonoForum/HiFiForum, Germany, November 2018
    I15 Prisma: Open for Everything

    “Primare succeeds in a brilliant performance: The compact I15 Prisma integrated amplifier is not only extraordinarily powerful, but with a clever trick it also supports all web services. Irrespective of the source used, the small amp forms a broad and deep stage, is able to draw instruments and voices extremely sharp into the room, and above all has those silky-fine timbres with which many of its larger siblings could enchant us. The resourceful Swedes simply know how to force listeners to teeter in time with the music – and that’s what counts!”

    View/download full review as PDF
  • Stereo & Video, Russia, February 2019
    I15 Prisma: “OK, Primer!”

    “This is precisely the most delicious thing with the Primare I15 Prisma – the capabilities of the most advanced network devices today combined with sound quality that most of these devices are not available by definition. And, importantly, improving the level of sound quality in this case refers not only to music on files or in streaming, but in general to everything that may produce sound, and that can be connected to this unit.”

    View full review
  • AudioVideo, South Africa, February 2019
    I15 Prisma: Primare I15 Prisma – This junior sounds quite senior!

    “Yes, there is loads of detail, and a wide-open soundstage provides full and unencumbered access to the music. But it’s the sense of authenticity – the joy of being able to savour the performance as a whole, rather than seeking out and isolating specific elements – that makes the I15 so compelling.”

    View full review
  • HiFi Stars, Germany, Ausgabe 42
    SC15 Prisma: No Small Matter

    “The versatile Primare SC15 Prisma makes an excellent impression as an analogue pre-amp as well as converter and network player. It combines useful functions with its priority for high-quality audio playback. As a whole package I see for the SC15 Prisma in its price range very few competitors on equal terms. I especially like the exquisite quality of the analogue input. Personally, this is currently the most exciting device in the entire Primare portfolio!”

    View/download full review as PDF
  • HiFi Choice, United Kingdom, December 2018
    I15 Prisma: Primare I15 Prisma

    “Despite its copious amounts of facilities, you shouldn’t think of this amplifier as a lightweight in the sonic stakes. Yes, it has a dry and accurate presentation, rather than embellishing the music, but it’s always fun and is backed up by plenty of power, too. Smooth, couth and sophisticated, Primare’s new I15 Prisma shows that in today’s hi-fi world, you can have convenience, style and musical satisfaction in one box, at a very reasonable price. RECOMMENDED.”

    View full review
  • Audio Review, Italy, January 2019
    I35 Prisma: Primare I35 Prisma

    “The top model of integrated amplifier manufactured by Primare is offered at a significantly higher price compared to that of the small I15 Prisma, winner of the EISA award, but offers a much higher power and even higher technical and sound performance. The high build quality and the sober and elegant design further increases the appeal of the amplifier.”

    View/download full review as PDF
  • HiFi News, UK, March 2019
    I35 Prisma + CD35 Prisma: Primare CD35/I35 Prisma

    “There’s something deeply alluring about this streaming CD player/integrated amp combination, in both sound and function. An enjoyable music maker, it brings together a myriad different digital sources under one roof – so to speak – and allows easy control of them all. In turn, this makes it easier to appreciate the music without being distracted by the technology. Now there’s a thought for the future… HIGHLY COMMENDED.”

    View/download full review as PDF
  • Audio Test, Germany, October 2018
    I35 Prisma: Nordic Charisma

    “It draws a crystal-clear sound through the entire spectrum, the timpani are voluminous and can resonate very freely, the strings are brilliant even in the highest registers, without sounding exaggerated. The amplifier succeeds in an excellent spatial separation and it is able to deliver dynamic peaks very energetically. With the I35 Prisma, Primare has succeeded in creating a versatile all-rounder, which, thanks to its excellent network control, is at the very top in terms of user experience.”

    View/download full review as PDF
  • HiFi Stars, Germany, September 2018
    I35 Prisma: Really everything in it!

    “It’s all incredibly fast and natural in its performance, lively in the best sense of the word! The quality of music playback over the network connection plays in the same league as the analog and digital inputs of the I35 Prisma. The Swedish amplifier is once again characterised by its enthusiasm, dynamism and balance.”

    View/download full review as PDF
  • HiFi+, UK, Issue 163, September 2018
    I35: Primare I35 integrated amplifier

    “This is an amplifier that has the Devil’s Amplifier Class running cool and clear and it is extraordinarily modern in design inside and out. And yet, if you listen with your ears instead of your eyes and your prejudices, you’ll discover that this is an absolute blinder of an amplifier – possibly one of the best there is!”

    View/download full review as PDF
  • Audio, South Korea, May 2018
    I35 DAC: Primare – Traditionally Strong In Integrated Amps, Comes Up With An Even Stronger Integrated Amp!

    “The sound had no impurity at all… Whatever music was chosen, there was no excess or shortage in the sound of I35 DAC, and its fresh performance was impressive. It would be hard to find another amp that equals this performance at the price level of the I35 DAC. This amp is recommendable even to those audiophiles who have groundlessly negative worries about Class-D amps. In the market, there are many amps that are different inside from outside. But, through I35 DAC, I was able to confirm the reputation of Primare again.”

    View/download full review as PDF
  • HiFi Choice, Poland, August 2018
    I35 Prisma: Five Stars – Editor’s Choice

    “The sound of the I35 has something noble, special, some kind of rare consistency and analog smoothness. It’s a fantastic amp, a very good DAC and more than a decent streamer. Hot recommendation!”

    View full review
  • Audio Video, South Africa, July 2018
    I35: Capturing the music’s heart and soul

    “However, it’s the ability to reveal the heart and soul of the music that is the Primare’s most endearing trait. It certainly proves that Class D has come of age, and that efficiency and pace can be delivered without sacrificing the emotive core of the music.”

    View full review
  • Stereoplay, Germany, August 2018
    I35 Prisma + CD 35 Prisma: Dream couple with qualities

    “CD35 Prisma + I35 Prisma: Primare’s CD player/amp combinations are known for their technical sophistication, but the new 35-series dwarfs all its predecessors.”

    View/download full review as PDF
  • Music Emotion, The Netherlands, March 2018
    I35 Prisma + CD35 Prisma: Versatility at its best

    “Primare is among the most consistent class-leading high-end brands of the last few decades, continuing to refine a balanced and coherent sound. These new I35 and CD35 Prisma models are still following this more evolutionary course. However, a true revolution, and certainly for this brand, is now suddenly the maximum seamless integration of almost all digital source standards currently available. Add to this the maximum sound quality, and the trouble-free and smooth operation of the app for each of these sources, and the Primare team has seen the light again!”

    View/download full review as PDF
  • LowBeats, Germany, March 2018
    CD35: The most beautiful of all CD players

    “It’s true, the Primare CD35 surprised us. Such a beautiful CD player, one does not trust too much. But here we had to learn a lesson: the pretty sounds also beguilingly good… always playful, informative, but never hard. Only a few CD players can do that – and if so, they are much higher in terms of pricing.”

    View full review
  • HiFi Stars, Germany, March-May 2018
    I35 DAC + CD35: Beautiful and multi-functional

    “Rarely, has Primare equipment been so extensively equipped. Here is truly a great way of playing. Here you will find everyone has his perfect (including streaming) solution, tailored to your needs within each model. The CD35 is truly the best the Swedes have ever built and the I35 DAC is just awesome…”

    View/download full review as PDF
  • LowBeats, Germany, March 2018
    I35: Integrated amplifier with class D power plant

    “The Primare i35 is a special, positive piece of work… In the LowBeats listening room, this sounded wonderfully smooth, silky in the highs and with impressive force in the lowest bass.”

    View full review
  • Audio Video, Poland, November 2017
    I35 DAC: Seemingly similar, but very different

    “Every type of music sounds perfect. It is great in respect to dynamics, speed, timing, resolution and providing a sense of surround sound. Dryness and “Scandinavian” coolness of tones? Nothing of the kind. This device is neutral with no evident tendencies to embellish the sound. It is also the kind of device you can listen to constantly with no signs of fatigue… Can I say anything else? Just that we will buy one for ourselves.”

    View/download full review as PDF
  • Audio Magazine, Poland, October 2010
    A30.7: Primare’s characteristically solid build quality

    “The A30.7 offers stylish design with Primare’s characteristically solid build quality outside, and the brand’s innovative new Class D technology inside. Performance is characterised by very high output power with low distortion even when the load dips below 4 ohm. It has a wide bandwidth with low-noise throughout. The sound is dynamic, exact and pure, with a neutral midrange, clear, bell-like HF and thunderous bass.”

    View/download full review as PDF
  •, Germany
    SP33: Germany’s online AV mag i-fidelity loves the SP33/A30.7 system

    Germany’s online AV mag i-fidelity loves the SP33/A30.7 system. Marking the system as ‘superb’ for sound quality and ‘very good’ in almost every other category reviewer Raphael Vogt says: “With the SP33 and A30.7 duo Primare offers a surround pre/power amp combo with an almost classical appearance; a perfect, massive workmanship and a pleasantly purist no-frills design. Here the sound and build quality are absolutely brought into focus… Sound wise the combo presents a muscular body and a steady imaging that is virtually palpable and intimately close at the highest level.”

    View/download full review as PDF
  • Home Cinema Choice, September 2014
    SPA23: Performance is Outstanding

    Steve May, the veteran AV pundit and founding editor of Home Cinema Choice, is seduced by the SPA23’s stunning audio quality. Awarding a Best Buy badge, and five stars for both performance and design in the September 14 issue, Steve says “the SPA23 can make grown-up speakers bleed. Performance is outstanding. The Primare SPA23 is an unashamedly uncomplicated home cinema amp, enlivened by gorgeous design and ingenious amplification technology. It’s fit, fast and capable of class-leading clarity.”

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  • AV Magazine, South Africa, 2014
    SPA23: AV Receiver of the Year

    South Africa’s specialist home tech title AV Magazine has been busy with Primare over the last few months, and the results have been spectacular! in AV’s August 2014 issue, reviewer Joel Kopping said “in reality (it) has all the features anyone will probably ever need. Most of all it’s superbly built, and sounds terrific…” The SPA23 went on to be recommended as an ‘AV Receiver of the Year’.

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  • Hi Fi News UK, January 2012
    R32: Outstanding Product winner

    “…this kind of quality for well under a grand is what constitues a top-flight bargain, making the R32 our clear winner.”

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  • LP Magazine, Germany, issue 6, 2011
    R32: The Primare R32 is clearly a ‘Best Buy’

    “Technically and sonically brilliant. Elegant high quality housing. The Primare R32 is clearly a ‘Best Buy’ for its price tag.” Thomas Schmidt, LP Magazine, Germany, issue 6 2011.

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  • Hi Fi Choice Magazine. UK, May 2011 issue
    R32: “… the R32 is a winner.”

    “If you want to add a bit of substance and integrity to the sound of your vinyl and have theshelf space, the R32 is a winner.”

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  •, Germany
    R32: “… in every aspect a successfully designed turntable pre-amplifier …”

    “The Primare R32 is in every aspect a successfully designed turntable pre-amplifier. High build quality, design, and sound quality, forming the essence of the product, which should cost a lot more than it does. The setting options are comprehensive, which allows the R32 to play seamlessly in many systems, bridging the gap between turntables and pre/power amplifiers. Naturally, the R32 passed the requirements for the with flying colours”

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  • Inner Audio Magazine, Finland, 2010
    R32: excellent highend phonostage at a resonable price

    “Given its level of performance, I find the Primare R32 amazingly inexpensive…it can be justifiably recommended to anybody who’s hunting for an excellent highend phonostage at a resonable price”. Inner Audio Magazine, Finland, October 18, 2010. Please note, an English translation follows the Finnish review.

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  • Hi Fi Plus
    PRE60 / A60: 60 Series Does It Again!

    Adding to the growing number of great reviews for the 60 Series, Alan Sircom shows a genuine understanding of Primare’s goal for these true reference products when he states: “lf it’s power you want, the Primare delivers it with energy and drive. lf it’s sound-staging, it’s as good as the speakers you use. lf it’s infectious rhythm, then the music needs some infectious rhythm rather than have it thrust upon the sound. It’s that sense of doing a thing, and doing it right that Primare really gets here. That’s not damning it with faint praise; that’s prizing it for its honesty and integrity.”

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    PRE60 / A60: Sound & Vision Loves the 60’s

    Danish magazine Sound & Vision adores our 60 series system. In its December 14 issue, reviewer Sven Bilén awards both with top marks for sound quality and says: “Cool, smooth and pleasing to the ear, the PRE60 and A60 is an excellent combination that can play almost everything you can imagine with a sound quality that’s even better than before. Very successful.” The detailed three-page review concludes that “Primare’s 60 series is a manifestation of how far the firm has come with the new techniques that they have introduced the recent years. Both amplifier modules and media cards perform at a level that proves that Primare can play with the big boys. The products not only sound great, but also visually they’re super delicious. Well done!”

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  • Polish hi fi magazine ‘Audio’
    PRE60 / A60: Primare Supreme

    The 60 series has received a great review in Polish hi fi magazine ‘Audio’. Writing in the October 14 issue Wojciech Pacula says “The Primare A60 sounds like a class A amplifier, clearly highlighting the transition from bass to midrange. It isn’t exactly ‘warm’ but neither is it clinical, and it does have the ability to strike forcefully. The strong and perfectly produced bass line provides not only foundation and energy but also richness, which is often missing even in the mightiest power amplifiers….The other end of sound spectrum is equally interesting. Here Primare seems to combine richness with clarity. Through the snare drum hits, bass string reverb and electronic background we get a perfect image of each sound and its texture. The soundstage gains ultimate authority with, I repeat, no harshness whatsoever. This is a marvellous achievement from both class D amplifier and network player”.

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  • Audio Video, Poland
    PRE32 / A34.2: “They create a harmonious duet…”

    Poland’s Audio Video gives a class A recommendation to the PRE32 and A34.2 combination, in part saying: “The dynamic range of the Swedish pair amazes as does the control and the speed of the sound – there is no trace of tardiness here. Transients are so sudden, that someone unprepared will be jumping up and down on the couch with fear… They create a harmonious duet of such uncommon dynamism that they demand being listened to.”

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  • Soundrebels
    PRE32 / A34.2: “… a truly unbelievable jaw-dropping spectacle …”

    Soundrebels’ Marcin Olszewski writes of the PRE32 and A34.2 combo: “The breadth, timbre, volume and general overall quality of the sound generated by this set is a truly unbelievable jaw-dropping spectacle to behold so much so that I was left anxiously leafing through the promotional material, distributor price lists and relevant emails to check that no mistakes had surreptitiously been overlooked. The momentum, dynamics and richness of my notoriously difficult to tame speakers positively surprised me… Without wanting to define things in absolute terms, it is no exaggeration to say that we are dealing with a quasi-living organism pulsing with raw energy flooding the environment with vivid colors. The instruments and voices come alive and are seductively attractive and more clearly defined… The resulting state of happiness is such that you could have knocked me down with a feather.”

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  • AV magazine, South Africa
    PRE32 / A34.2: “Top class in every respect”

    Another brilliant review of the PRE32/A34.2 has come our way, the second in as many months! This time the unqualified applause comes from South Africa’s AV magazine. In its April 15 issue reviewer Deon Schoeman scores our 30 series duo an amazing 93/100 and says “The magic of the PRE32/A34.2 combination is that ability to reflect the soul and the intent of the music while also doing full justice to scale, scope and pace…It’s the kind of sound that is utterly, compellingly convincing in a way that is unmistakably high end, but with real musicality at the core. And that’s perhaps this pre/power combo’s most outstanding, and most endearing achievement…Add their heirloom-standard build quality, aesthetic appeal, ease of use and outstanding value, and the Primare PRE32 and A34.2 are top class in every respect”.

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  • Hi Fi News
    PRE32 / A34.2: “ADDICTIVE!” 30 Series Amps Wow Hi Fi News

    Having sampled the 60 Series last year, the UK’s leading audiophile guide Hi Fi News was itching to try their 30 series counterparts – and wasn’t disappointed! In the mag’s May 15 issue just out, the PRE32 and A34.2 are awarded a ‘Highly Commended’ badge and praised for their ability “to stay true to the purity of the music without being overly clinical”, and conjure “a very organic sonic landscape that was very easy to get lost in.”

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  •, December 2012
    PRE32 / A34.2:, December 2012, Tobias Zoporowski

    “Behind the simple but elegant front panel of the Primare combo lies sophisticated technology and a cornucopia of possibilities. In particular, the preamplifier can be adapted to individual listening habits and becomes a digital media centre. The operation always remains clear and simple thanks to the excellent displays.

    In any role, the sound remains consistent. Presentation of every musical style is clear and unfussy; the combo offers a deep and detailed insight into the action and follows every impulse with lightning speed. It never loses sight of the musical flow: sound events on the Primares are always a finely woven and spatially generous in width and depth across every genre. The individual frequency ranges blend with each other in a harmonious balance, which means that the combo is right extended listening sessions, because it is always without harshness.”

  • Hi-Fi-Choice
    PRE32/A34.2: “Different Class”

    Reviewer Andrew Simpson has awarded a galaxy of stars and a coveted ‘Editor’s Choice badge to our 30 series amp flagship in the January 15 issue of UK hi-fi mag ‘Hi-F-Choice’. Scoring a maximum five-star result in three of the four categories the PRE32/A34.2 “could be all the amp you’ll ever need”. He says “Despite covering all bases from amp to DAC and network streamer, you’ll never be found lost in a muddle of menus and button pressing, as the Primares come top of the class for an enjoyable, accessible and rewarding user experience. And it’s not just the interface that scores highly, as they’re also blessed with a sonic finesse that opens up the music to show it at its best, while being equally forgiving of poorer sources. Treat them to some hi-res material and they’ll really show just what they’re capable of.”

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  • I22/CD22 HiFi Vision, Germany, February 2012
    I22/CD22 HiFi Vision, Germany, February 2012

    “Yes, the 22s have a little less power, and the stripped-down equipment could be mentioned, too, but what remains are the open, honest tone and the unbridled enthusiasm of the Primare combo. For me, the CD22 and I22 are a true HiFi highlight not only because of the very fair price!”

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  • AudioVideo Poland, September 2011
    I22, AudioVideo Poland, September 2011

    “Exceptionaly fast and rhythmic amplifier with very good stereo. Solid enclosure, nice design and low power consumption are additional benefits of Swedish unit.”

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  • Audio Magazine, Poland, December 2011
    CD22/I22 Audio Magazine, Poland, December 2011

    Manufacture: Advanced class “D” amplifier with very solid power supply. High quality DAC board (option). Functionality: Modern and multi-way. Many settings in menu, board with digital inputs as option. Parameters: With current! Double the power when changing load form 8ohm to 4ohm, low noise -85dB, very low distortion. Sound: Dynamic, involving, with beautiful, strong, contour bass, clean middle, and selective treble.

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  • HiFi Choice, UK, December 2011
    CD22/I22 Hi Fi Choice, UK, December 2011

    “..visually, these units just ooze class…the chassis are based on thick steel sheet – you could probably stand on these without leaving a mark…we’ve seldom heard energy and detail so well balanced in an affordable system…We were particularly aware of this neat balancing trick when listening to a recently bought CD of the Canadian piano virtuoso Marc-Andre Hamelin, playing some of his own compositions. He plays so many notes per second that it’s quite a tall order for a hi-fi system to reproduce them all clearly and we’ve heard one or two manage that, but lose the overall shape of the music. In this case however, we were able to hear with great precision, not only which notes were going down, but where the general progression was leading and what the piano itself sounded like.”

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  • CD22/I22 Stereo Prestige & Image, France, September 2011
    CD22/I22 Stereo Prestige & Image

    Primare’s engineers truly have an exceptional mastery of digital and analogue circuit configuration. They prove it not only with the CD22 player’s quite exceptional analytical capability and well structured rendering of timbres, but also with the I22, defying all the prejudices regarding switch-mode power supplies and switching power levels. Thanks
    to their very interesting UFPD architecture (creating unconditional stability of operation regardless of the type of speakers) and the selection of sampling frequency from the CD22, the reproduction allows listening in complete serenity, without aggression, from these two perfectly matched electronics.

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  • Home Electronics magazine, Switzerland, September 2011
    CD22/I22 Home Electronics magazine, Switzerland, September 2011

    Through this system you can enjoy Class D amplification without compromise. The I22 sets a new benchmark in natural music playback.

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  • HiFi+, UK, May 2019
    I35: HiFi+ 10th Anniversary Top 100

    “The latest Primare platform is a highly modular amplifier system, but even as just an amplifier the I35 integrated is one of those products that you just love to enjoy!”

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  • hifi & records magazine, Germany
    PRE60 / A60: “Pure Joy”

    In a recent issue of Germany’s hi fi & records magazine, reviewer Olaf Sturm is bewitched by the new 60 series pre/power system. He calls the PRE60 design “pure joy” and is astonished by the measured power generated from the A60’s slim dimensions: “How do you imagine a power amplifier that pumps 675 watts into four ohms and 314 into eight ohms? Perhaps as a walk-in type, maybe with huge, sprawling heatsinks, but by all means totally heavyweight. The A60 weighs in at only 12.5 kilograms…” Above all he loves the sound: “At first it’s the immediacy of the reproduction that wins me over, because it refuses to show even the tiniest time offsets, which leads to perfect homogeneity… The vocal reproduction is characteristic and on par with that of top amplifiers. However a striking feature is the enormous stability in sustained piano chords and the reverb on Gabriel’s voice, which I have rarely even heard in such a 3D sculptured manner.” In conclusion he says that “The enormous range of applications based on the analogue and digital interfaces, which allow anything from elevator music in the morning through internet radio to serious listening of high resolution data files in truly amazing quality, is highly attractive.”

    View/download full review as PDF
  • Hi Fi News
    PRE60 / A60: The 60s “Raise Goosebumps”

    The 60 Series PRE60 and A60 have made the November 2014 cover of the UK’s definitive hi-end audio magazine Hi Fi News. Given top billing as the opening review and in the expanded four-page format reserved for the most significant products, the 60s are accorded the mag’s premier ‘Outstanding Product’ badge. Reviewer John Bamford says “An audiophile friend and I blind-tested each other but neither of us could reliably determine whether we were streaming or playing via the PRE60’s USB input. The rhythm section appeared ultra-precise, with no overhang and subjectively ‘fast’ leading edge definition…Look elsewhere if you crave a big-bosomed, cushy and romantic sound. Primare’s flagship audio components tell it like it is, their honesty raising goose bumps with common regularity”

    View/download full review as PDF


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