UFPD 2 Amplification

The full potential Class D has to offer

It is Primare’s practice to introduce new models only when they can significantly improve on the performance of our current designs. The company continuously scans the horizon to see what new and innovative options in design, technology, and materials might allow for truly significant improvements. In Class D amplification, we found a basic amplification technology so rich in benefits that it was the obvious choice upon which to base all future amplifier designs.

Primare I35 modular integrated amplfiier technology inside UFPD Amplification

Years of research and development, a bit of inspiration, and considered critical listening have resulted in Ultra Fast Power Device (UFPD) technology that realizes the full potential Class D has to offer. A Primare UFPD based amplifier can provide massive, stable, low-distortion power output over the entire ruler-flat frequency bandwidth into any speaker load with minimal operating power draw from the wall and no negative effects on the power supplied to partnering system components – and all that with positive considerations for AC power demands and heat, leading to an easily installed, compact cabinet.

For Primare, UFPD is the ultimate building block for the present and future production of amplifiers that provide the most revealing and musical performance, bringing the listener closer to the recording than ever before.

And now, we have the pleasure of introducing the latest thinking in UFPD, UFPD 2, introduced in select new Prisma models, like the I35 Prisma.

To find out how UFPD is like a high-performance electric car, take a look at Primare UFPD Amplfication.

For details on our latest amplifier technology, check out UFPD 2 Design Brief.

Primare A35-2 power amplifier technology inside


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