AV magazine, South Africa
PRE32 / A34.2: “Top class in every respect”

Another brilliant review of the PRE32/A34.2 has come our way, the second in as many months! This time the unqualified applause comes from South Africa’s AV magazine. In its April 15 issue reviewer Deon Schoeman scores our 30 series duo an amazing 93/100 and says “The magic of the PRE32/A34.2 combination is that ability to reflect the soul and the intent of the music while also doing full justice to scale, scope and pace…It’s the kind of sound that is utterly, compellingly convincing in a way that is unmistakably high end, but with real musicality at the core. And that’s perhaps this pre/power combo’s most outstanding, and most endearing achievement…Add their heirloom-standard build quality, aesthetic appeal, ease of use and outstanding value, and the Primare PRE32 and A34.2 are top class in every respect”.


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