Stereo+, Norway, October 2021
Stereo+ I15 Prisma MK2

I15 Prisma MK2: Practical and Sounding (Praktisk og Vellydende)

The sound of the Primare I15 Prisma has impressive control in the bass area providing a very good foundation on which the rest of the sound image can be built. The bass is also deep and powerful, and it cannot really be tipped off balance even on such grandiose speakers as Triangle Number 40th. Given that you do not play loud all the time.

The midrange has something of the same playing style as the bass. It is precise and very controlled, while being detailed and open. The treble can best be described as neutral, and it plays fine and detailed without anything sticking out in the soundscape or becoming synthetic and artificial. The amplifier in combination with the built-in digital converter has an analog character that makes it easy to listen to music and which is nimble and flattering. The amplifier is still suitably detailed and open, and it has more than enough energy in all situations, but you never get it to fall on the bright side of neutral almost regardless of the choice of music.

9 points / 5 Stars / Impressive


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