Hemmabio, Sweden, June 2023
SPA25 Prisma: Tight Step in Scandinavian Style

“Just right for us – In conclusion, we can summarise that Primare continues to be Primare, by deliberately thinking for themselves and going their very own ways in our hysterically varied consumer society. Their new integrated home cinema amplifier SPA25 is a result of clear priorities, the sound quality and joy of long-term ownership for the music and film enthusiast had to go before graphic finesse and chameleon-like versatility that is exhibited and offered by several competitors at present.

The ascetic fluidity of Primare’s single-mindedness and elegant design also make high demands on you as a user. If you feel you are right for this purification bath, and that you otherwise also fit the proposed “user profile”, you will be richly rewarded, for SPA25 sounds very good, unusually good, even. And in the long run this is the most important feature for a multi-channel integrated amplifier, which by virtue of its quality and tightly restrained elegance adorns its place on the top shelf in your austere Scandinavian dream home better than any other.”


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