FWD, The Netherlands, February 2023
SPA25 Prisma – Equally Strong in Music as Surround

“It is striking that Primare never loses sight of stereo enthusiasts with its multi-channel products. The A35.8, for example, is as good an 8-channel power amp as it is a very powerful stereo amplifier (via bridging and bi-wiring). Same with the SPA25. It is an AV receiver, but the Swedes state that it can also be set up as a powerful integrated stereo amplifier. If you choose stereo and can bi-amp speakers, 290 watts per channel are available.

The SPA25 is not your average AV receiver where a long list of features seems more important than the actual performance. Not that it’s missing business. Thanks to Dirac, the Primare has an excellent manner to tailor the playback to your speakers and room. There is also a lot of flexibility in how you can configure the device, without making the interface very complex.”


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