fairaudio.de, December 2012
PRE32 / A34.2: fairaudio.de, December 2012, Tobias Zoporowski

“Behind the simple but elegant front panel of the Primare combo lies sophisticated technology and a cornucopia of possibilities. In particular, the preamplifier can be adapted to individual listening habits and becomes a digital media centre. The operation always remains clear and simple thanks to the excellent displays.

In any role, the sound remains consistent. Presentation of every musical style is clear and unfussy; the combo offers a deep and detailed insight into the action and follows every impulse with lightning speed. It never loses sight of the musical flow: sound events on the Primares are always a finely woven and spatially generous in width and depth across every genre. The individual frequency ranges blend with each other in a harmonious balance, which means that the combo is right extended listening sessions, because it is always without harshness.”



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