Digital Day, Italy, November 2022
I15 Prisma MK2 – Primare I15 Prisma Mk2 and Paradigm Founder 40B, point of arrival?

“I15 Prisma MK2 – Perfect for streaming – We are facing the entry model to the Primare world but already here you can appreciate the high-level of design and the excellent section dedicated to streaming, including the control application which is very simple but well done. The construction is textbook and very rare in this price range while the finish is equally worthy of praise but possibly too minimalist, without even the volume knob. Not bad using the remote control. The price is not negligible but aligned with the best competitors. The I15 Prisma MK2 is therefore particularly recommended for those who use high-resolution streaming as the main source and must drive even demanding loudspeakers in rooms with not too large cubic volumes.”


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