Prisma I35 Prisma OTA and Android App Updates


We have released an OTA firmware update for I35 Prisma to resolve UPnP protocol issues relating to mconnect and provide general bug fixes – Main 3.22 and Streaming 12159. 

Note: mconnect has provided updates recently to allow their application to work better with various platforms and as a result we would recommend updating your mconnect applications. 

We plan to release an OTA firmware update for SC15 Prisma, I25 Prisma, and PRE35 Prisma over the next few days. 

In addition, a new Prisma application for Android has been released to improve overall functionality –

We will continue to work to improve the Prisma application and firmware, with the plan to release fixes and improvements as soon as we can make them available. 

Current firmware version numbers for all Prisma  models: 


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