Primare Prisma December Software Updates

We are pleased to announce that much anticipated updates will be released to the Prisma platform and application throughout this week.

The first automatic OTA (over-the-air) update to the Prisma platform will begin early in the week to prepare for the Prisma application updates that will be made available at the end of the week.

The updates include:

  • Roon Ready for SC15 Prisma and PRE35 Prisma
  • Embedding into the Prisma application:
    • TIDAL MAX for MQA and HiRes FLAC file playback
    • Qobuz for full 24/192 kHz
    • Gapless playback for both Qobuz and TIDAL (except for MQA files from TIDAL)

Note: to activate the new services, after updating the Prisma application in your mobile device, logout and log in to the streaming service account being used.

  • MQA decoding for all Prisma models allowing for first full unfold of MQA files, and full MQA decoding by those models with DM36 DAC module installed

As a result, there should be a noticeable improvement in audio performance as well as convenient and consistent connection when using TIDAL and Qobuz, in addition to extending Roon Ready media management and control to our preamplifier models.

Next up for Roon Ready certification are first the Prisma CD players, CD15 Prisma and CD35 Prisma, followed shortly by the home cinema models, SPA25 Prisma and SP25 Prisma.

For more details, see update notes below, and for any questions please submit a help request form at this link:


Prisma Application Update Release Notes

Common to both Android and iOS/iPadOS operating systems:

  • Added TIDAL streaming service
  • Added Qobuz streaming service
  • General bug Fixes
  • Added MQA indications for MQA and MQA Studio

Note: update within the associated mobile device, with the recommendation to reboot the mobile device by turning it off and then back on after the update, to ensure full synching of the updated app with the device.

Prisma Firmware OTA Update Release notes

STREAMING changes in version 152xx

  • Added TIDAL and Qobuz streaming services
  • Added MQA Core decoding
  • Updated AirPlay2 SDK to version 2.0.10
  • Updated RAAT SDK (Roon Ready) to version 1.1.41
  • General bug fixes 

MCU changes:

Common changes for all models

  • Added MQA indications on front display

Specific changes per model

I25 Prisma

  • Added logic to turn off MQA decoding in streaming module if DM36 is mounted.
    (DM36 is MQA full decoder)

I35 Prisma

  • Added logic to turn off MQA decoding in streaming module if DM36 is mounted.
    (DM36 is MQA full decoder)

PRE35 Prisma

  • Added logic to turn off MQA decoding in streaming module if DM36 is mounted.
    (DM36 is a MQA full decoder)
  • Roon Ready enabled

SC15 Prisma

  • Added “Remote mode” option in GENERAL SETTINGS to select whether SC15 Prisma should respond to SC or PRE IR remote commands
  • Roon Ready enabled

SPA25 Prisma

  • Edited HDMI EDID for no VRR support

PRISMA remote control (firmware version 6.3.116)

  • Added SC layer for controlling SC15 Prisma and SC15 Prisma MK2

Note: use the ruwido application to perform the update




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