June Prisma Updates


We are pleased to announce that we will begin releasing the Prisma firmware and app updates described below beginning Monday, 3 June.

The updates feature:

  • Roon Ready for SC15 Prisma MK2
  • Gapless playback for embedded TIDAL and Qobuz
  • General bug fixes

The Prisma application can be updated when labelled “update available” within the mobile device in which it is being used.

The Prisma firmware update is automatic, being automatically downloaded and installed into any internet connected Prisma device. 

To confirm that the firmware update has taken place, go to the “What are the latest Prisma firmware versions?” FAQ page at this link.

If the update has not taken place in your unit shortly after the date shown in the latest firmware update table, you can manually initiate an update by selecting “Restart” in the settings menu or by rebooting by turning off and then back on using the AC mains power switch on the back panel.  

This will cause the Prisma device to do a full systems check, including checking for any new firmware updates, which will be installed if any are available.

Do allow a good ten minutes (it should not take this long, but just to be on the safe side) for this full process to take place, being sure not to use the component during this process so that it can be completed without interruption.

If for some reason it is interrupted and gets stuck, simply restart, or reboot again.

In the case of the Roon Ready update it may be necessary to reboot the Roon Core and the SC15 Prisma MK2 by turning both off and then back on using the mains power switch after a few seconds. Additionally, it is recommended to update Roon to the latest version.

Next up is Roon Ready certification for SP25 Prisma and SPA25 Prisma models.

Should you have questions or need assistance, please submit a help request form at this link.

With sincere apologies to our customers for the length of time it has taken to provide these updates and thanks for their patience, The Primare Team 

OTA Update Details

General fixes in STREAMING firmware


  • Added gapless playback for embedded Qobuz and TIDAL
  • Solving shuffle and repeat issues for embedded Qobuz and TIDAL
  • Improved some navigation errors for embedded Qobuz and TIDAL
  • Added a new logic for unexpected Radio errors


  • Added Room EQ and Manual EQ elements to Roon Signal Path for SC15 Prisma MK2

Fixes per MODEL

CD15   Prisma  – v2.38 v15515

  • Solved an issue where CD15 enter auto-standby too early after finish playing a CD
  • General bug fixes

CD35 Prisma – v4.00 v15515

  • General bug fixes

I15 Prisma MK2 – v2.85 v15515

  • Solved an issue where speakers were unmuted when changing input while Analog Output mode was set to ‘LINE’

I25 Prisma – v2.94 v15518

  • General bug fixes

I35 Prisma – v3.65 v15515

  • General bug fixes

NP5 Prisma – v2.20 v15518

  • Solved an issue where play status could be incorrect when playing from Radio source causing auto-standby to be triggered.
  • General bug fixes

NP5 Prisma MK2 – v2.21 v15518

  • Solved an issue where play status could be incorrect when playing from Radio source causing auto-standby to be triggered.
  • General bug fixes

PRE35 Prisma – v3.04 v15515

  • General bug fixes

SC15 Prisma – v3.50 v15518

  • Solved an issue where WISA indication was not shown in display when WiSA speakers were connected
  • Added REMOTE MODE setting in Prisma application (General settings -> Remote mode -> PRE/SC)

SC15 Prisma MK2 – v1.63 v15518

  • Roon Ready certified
  • Solved an issue where OTA update stops at 88-91%
  • Solved an issue where Prisma app connection was lost when DSP filters were loaded
  • Solved an issue where WiSA level test tone was not heard if a digital input was selected
  • Test tone for WiSA subwoofers has been changed to 96Hz tone


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