EISA Phono Preamp 2020-2021 is… Primare R15!


“It’s the ideal interface between a high-quality record player and the line input of your amplifier.”


We are pleased to announce that, for the third year in a row, one of our new models have been honoured with a prestigious EISA award. It is satisfying to note that the EISA Hi-Fi panel not only recognised the R15 MM/MC Phono Preamp for its superior performance, but also acknowledged the flagship R35 on which its circuit design is based, identifying in each Primare’s signature sound as a “mix of weight and substance allied to detail and resolution.”


The official EISA award citation reads (emphasis added):  

 EISA PHONO PREAMP 2020-2021 Primare R15  

Housed in a compact case just 35cm wide, Primare’s R15 phono amplifier offers two levels of gain for both moving coil and magnet cartridges, with further adjustments of resistance and capacitance to optimise loading for the cartridge in use. Built with the same care the company brings to its main amplifiers, its low-noise design is informed by the flagship R35 model just as its sound is the familiar ‘Primare’ mix of weight and substance allied to detail and resolution. It’s the ideal interface between a high-quality record player and the line input of your amplifier.  

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