WiSA User Guide

Configuring the settings


On Primare products with WiSA the GENERAL SETTINGS menu provides an additional WISA SETTINGS option to allow you to configure the WiSA setup.

This has the following submenus:


Set to ON to turn on the WiSA module, or OFF to turn it off.


Set to ON to broadcast to your WiSA associated speakers or OFF to stop broadcasting. You can also toggle this setting by pressing the SPS button on the back panel.


Adds speakers to your WiSA network without dismissing previous speakers.


Shows all speakers associated with your WiSA network and identifies the speakers as R (right) or L (left):

Speakers are sorted according to their WiSA MAC address.

DISMISS ALL SPEAKERS: Removes all the speakers from your WiSA network, and puts the speakers in associate mode.

Selecting a speaker displays the options REASSIGN OUTPUT to allow you to reassign it between R and L, and DISMISS FROM NETWORK to allow you to dismiss that speaker.


Printing or saving as PDF

You can print an on-line Primare user guide from your web browser, to provide you with a permanent copy to refer to away from your computer.

Alternatively, you can save a user guide as PDF files, to refer to when are you not connected to the internet.

To do so, simply choose Print, or Print followed by Save as PDF, from your browser’s File menu.

For the specific procedure for each of the most popular web browsers see How do I print or save a PDF copy of the on-user guides?.


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