SPA25 Prisma User Guide

Other settings

General Settings

The General Settings menu allows you to configure the general operation of the SPA25:

Front Panel

Choose Locked to lock the front panel controls, or Unlocked (default) to use them.

To unlock the front panel controls use the remote control to select this menu, or remove power from the SPA25 for a few seconds.

OLED Auto-Dim

Allows you to choose the delay for dimming the front-panel display after no user interaction, between: NeverAfter 10 min, After 5 min, or After 1 min.

OLED Display Time

Specifies how long the OLED display shows the information before dimming, between: Never, or 1 s to 10 s.

LED Brightness

Allows you to specify the brightness of the LEDs illuminating the buttons on the front panel. Displays the LED BRIGHTNESS menu to allow you to set the display brightness to between 1 and 5 for each display dimming level:

DIM HIGH (default 3), DIM MID (default 2), DIM LOW (default 1), or DIM OFF (default 1).

Standby Setting

Provides two menus: Standby Mode and Auto-Standby.

Standby Mode can be set to ECO to reduce the standby consumption to less than 0.5W, but only allows the SPA25 to wake from the analogue and digital inputs, or Normal which also allows the SPA25 to wake from streaming and the PC/MAC input.

The SPA25 is classified as a HiNA (high-network availability) product. If no audio stream signal is detected for 20 minutes the unit will automatically go into network standby mode, in which the power consumption of the device is <6W. The unit will exit from network standby mode when audio streaming is detected.

Auto-Standby automatically switches the SPA25 to standby if there is no user interaction or audio from the current source for a specified delay: Never, 60 Minutes, 40 Minutes, or 20 Minutes.

Note: The Auto-Standby function will be disabled if the network has not been set up.

Memory Setting

Displays the Memory Setting menu:

Factory reset resets the SPA25 to default factory settings. Note that you will lose any configurations you have made. You are prompted to confirm. Select YES to proceed or NO to cancel.

Reset network resets the network configuration.

Backup your setting allows you to make a backup of your configuration. You can then recall settings from a backup with Recall your backup, or delete the backup with Delete your backup.

Change password allows you to change the password.

Firmware Information

Displays the versions of firmware installed:

Streaming Settings

Allows you to configure the SPA25 streaming:


Allows you to choose OFF (default) or ON to specify whether metadata, such as the artist name and song title, should be displayed.

AirPlay Password

Allows you to set an optional password for connection by AirPlay. Leave empty for no password.

Bluetooth Setting

Displays the Bluetooth Setting menu.

Visible can be set to ON to make the SPA25 visible to other Bluetooth devices, or OFF (default) to hide the SPA25 not visible.

Note: Visible allows any Bluetooth-enabled device within range to discover and pair with your SPA25.

Auto-Connect can be set to ON to automatically reconnect to a paired mobile Bluetooth device when the Bluetooth input on the SPA25 is selected, or OFF (default) to disable automatic connection.

Network Settings

Allows you to configure the network connection:

Network Status

Shows WiFi or Cable to specify how the SPA25 is connected to the network.

Network Name

Shows Not Connected, Connected by Cable, or the name of the WiFi network.

IP address

Shows the current IP address.


Shows the network MAC address.


Shows the current Bluetooth MAC address.

Dirac IP

Shows the IP address used to connect to Dirac.


Printing or saving as PDF

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Alternatively, you can save a user guide as PDF files, to refer to when are you not connected to the internet.

To do so, simply choose Print, or Print followed by Save as PDF, from your browser’s File menu.

For the specific procedure for each of the most popular web browsers see How do I print or save a PDF copy of the on-user guides?.


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