SP25 Prisma User Guide

Configuring the SP25

Using the menus

The Main Menu gives access to a series of menus which allow you to customize different aspects of the operation of the SP25 Prisma.


To display the Main Menu

  • Press MENU on the PRISMA remote.


To select a menu option

  • Press  or  on the PRISMA remote to highlight the menu option. 
  • Press SELECT on the PRISMA remote to select it.

Each of the options on the Main Menu display a submenu of further options.


To change a setting

  • Press  or  on the PRISMA remote to highlight the option. 
  • Press SELECT.

A list of the alternative values for that option will be displayed, with the current one highlighted. For example:

  • Press  or  on the PRISMA remote to select the new value. 
  • Press SELECT.

Alternatively, to return to the previous menu without changing the value press .


To exit from the current menu

  • Press  on the PRISMA remote.


To exit from the setup menus

  • Press MENU on the PRISMA remote.


Using the menus from the front panel

You can also navigate the menus from the front panel:

Remote button Front panel equivalent

Long press  and 




Long press 


Long press 


Editing an alias

  • Select the Alias option in the Preset Settings or Speaker Settings submenus.

The following menu allows you to define the alias using the PRISMA remote:

  • Use the following buttons on the PRISMA remote to define the alias:
Button Action
Arrow buttons Highlight the character you want to enter.
SELECT Add the highlighted character to the alias.
Red Delete a character from the alias.
Green Enter a space.
Yellow Toggle between upper and lower case letters.
Blue Save the alias and return to the previous menu.
Return Return to the previous menu without saving the new alias.



Printing or saving as PDF

You can print an on-line Primare user guide from your web browser, to provide you with a permanent copy to refer to away from your computer.

Alternatively, you can save a user guide as PDF files, to refer to when are you not connected to the internet.

To do so, simply choose Print, or Print followed by Save as PDF, from your browser’s File menu.

For the specific procedure for each of the most popular web browsers see How do I print or save a PDF copy of the on-user guides?.


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