SM35 Prisma Network Player Module Installation Instructions


1 Requirements

To follow these installation instructions you will need:

  • A Phillips screwdriver.

2 Remove power

  • Unplug the mains connector from the back of the Primare product you are upgrading.

This is important as there are dangerous voltage levels accessible inside the product.

3 Remove the blank panel

On the back panel of the Primare product you are upgrading:

  • Undo the two screws securing the blank panel covering the Network Player Module slot:

  • Remove the blank panel, and set the screws aside. 

4 Insert the Network Player Module

  • Carefully slide in the Network Player Module board so that it fully seats into position.
  • Secure the board to the back panel with the two screws removed in the previous step:

5 Connect the antennae

  • Connect the two antennae supplied with the SM35 to the ANT 1 and ANT 2 sockets on the back panel of the module, and position the two antennae at a slight angle from the vertical:

One antenna is for Bluetooth connectivity, and the other one is for Wi-Fi connectivity.

    6 Connect power

    • Reconnect power, and turn on the unit from the back panel power switch.
    • Allow a few minutes for the rebooting process to take place.

    The Primare unit will recognise the Network Player Module and configure itself to allow access to the new features.

    To use Chromecast

    To take advantage of Chromecast features and functionality, such as casting, voice control, and multi-room/multi-zone configuration and control, you should set up and configure the unit through Google Home, using a Google account.

    If you are not using Chromecast features, you can set up an Ethernet or Wi-Fi network connection as follows:

    To connect via an Ethernet cable

    • Connect an Ethernet cable between your router and the LAN socket on the Network Player Module.

    To connect via Wi-Fi

    When the Network Player Module is ready to set up the network the unit’s display will show:

    • Make sure Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are enabled on your mobile device.
    • Install the free Google Home app on your mobile device.
    • Run Google Home.

    It will display New device found.

    • Click SET UP and follow the instructions.

    After playing a test sound you will be prompted to connect to your home Wi-Fi network.

    • Select your Wi-Fi network and enter the password.

    You will now be able to stream music to your unit.

    For more information refer to the appropriate user guide for the Prisma version of your product.


    Printing or saving as PDF

    You can print an on-line Primare user guide from your web browser, to provide you with a permanent copy to refer to away from your computer.

    Alternatively, you can save a user guide as PDF files, to refer to when are you not connected to the internet.

    To do so, simply choose Print, or Print followed by Save as PDF, from your browser’s File menu.

    For the specific procedure for each of the most popular web browsers see How do I print or save a PDF copy of the on-user guides?.


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