PRISMA Remote User Guide

Configuring the remote

Configuring the remote for specific Primare products

If you want to control an older Primare product, or use a different product key to select a current product, you need to configure the PRISMA Remote as described in this section.

  • First, locate the product you want to control in the following table, and make a note of the layer code corresponding to that product:
Layer Code Products
11† I15, I25, I35
12 A10, A20, A30.1, I20, I21, I22, I30, I32
21† CD15, CD35, DD15, DD35,
22 CD21, CD22, CD31, CD32, D20, D30.2
23 CDI10
31† PRE35, SC15 (in PRE mode)
32 PRE30, PRE32, PRE60
33 SC15 (in SC mode)
41† SP25, SPA25
42 SP31, SP31.7, SP32, SPA20, SPA21, SPA22
43 P30
44 SP32*, SP33, SPA22*, SPA23
51 T20
52 T21, T22, T30
53 T23
61 V10, V20, V25
62 DVD26, DVD30
63 DVI10,
71 BD32, BD32 MK2
81 DAC30, NP30
91 Delay Box

* Use layer code 44 for the SP32 or SPA22 with an HD Video or 4K Video board.
† Factory default layer codes.

  • Select the remote mode you want to program: AMP, AV, PRE, or CD.

Press the corresponding button once for AMP or PRE, and twice for AV or CD.

Note that you can use any key for any type of product; for example, you don’t have to use the CD key for a CD player.

  • Hold down the TV button for about five seconds until one of the green lights flash twice and go out.
  • Enter the two digit layer code from the above table for the product you want to control.

If programming has been successful, one of the green lights flashes three times and goes out.

If you enter an invalid layer code, or don’t program anything for ten seconds, both lights flash red, and the remote returns to normal operation.

Controlling your TV

You can also configure the PRISMA Remote to control virtually any model of TV, using a TV database available in the free ruwidoinfrared app on the Google Play or Apple App Store.

For details of the TV functions that you can control with the remote see PRISMA Remote Product Support: TV.

    • Download the ruwidoinfrared app from Google Play or Apple App Store:

  • Run ruwidoinfrared.

The following screen will be displayed:

  • Press and hold the SELECT button on the remote for about five seconds to connect to the ruwidoinfrared app.

You may be asked to update the firmware on your remote to get the latest TV support:

  • Choose update.

You will then be shown a list of TV brands:

  • Select one of the popular brands from the first screen.

If your brand isn’t shown there:

  • Click the first letter of your brand in the list on the right, or scroll down to find your brand.

Your remote will be programmed for the brand you specified, and the screen shows:

  • Test your remote to make sure it controls your TV, and if it works choose done.

If it fails to control your TV choose next to try another option for the brand.

In the unlikely event that there are no more options available, a feedback screen will be displayed to allow you to specify your TV model so support can be added to a later version of the app.

  • After clicking done you can exit from the app:

Resetting factory defaults

You can reset the PRISMA Remote to its default settings. Note that this will lose any TV configuration you have performed, and any changes you have made to the remote modes.

  • Press and hold the LIGHT and BAL buttons simultaneously for about five seconds.

Both lights will flash green three times to indicate that the remote has been successfully reset.


Printing or saving as PDF

You can print an on-line Primare user guide from your web browser, to provide you with a permanent copy to refer to away from your computer.

Alternatively, you can save a user guide as PDF files, to refer to when are you not connected to the internet.

To do so, simply choose Print, or Print followed by Save as PDF, from your browser’s File menu.

For the specific procedure for each of the most popular web browsers see How do I print or save a PDF copy of the on-user guides?.


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