PRISMA Remote Product Support

SPA25 Home Theatre Amplifier

Turn on the remote backlight for 10 secs
Indicators light when pressing a button
Top: AMP, TV, or PRE mode
Bottom: AV or CD mode
Select remote mode
Double press: Select second mode
Next preset
Move right in menus
Select option
Show/hide OSD menu
Return from menu
Previous preset
Move left in menus
Decrease volume
Move down in menus
Increase volume
Move up in menus
Increase/decrease the volume
Display/change DSP mode
Display/hide Temporary Adjustment menu
Display/hide information screen
Switch between on and standby
Long press: Switch all controlled products to standby (if supported)
Step between dim levels
Mute/unmute the sound
Long press: Mute/unmute the speaker outputs
Enter an input number
Long press: Enter the first digit of a two-digit input number
Next track on stream (if supported)
Long press: Fast forward stream
(if supported)
Pause stream (if supported)
Previous track on stream (if supported)
Long press: Fast reverse stream
(if supported)
Play/pause stream (if supported)
Repeat the stream (if supported)



Printing or saving as PDF

You can print an on-line Primare user guide from your web browser, to provide you with a permanent copy to refer to away from your computer.

Alternatively, you can save a user guide as PDF files, to refer to when are you not connected to the internet.

To do so, simply choose Print, or Print followed by Save as PDF, from your browser’s File menu.

For the specific procedure for each of the most popular web browsers see How do I print or save a PDF copy of the on-user guides?.


You can use Google Translate to translate the contents of the Primare website. To do that, select the language you would like to translate into in the list below.

Please bear in mind, since the Google Translate is an automatically generated translation, we do not take any responsibility for errors in the text.