PRE35 DAC Preamplifier User Guide

Getting started

1 Unpack the PRE35

Your PRE35 is supplied with:

  • Mains cable
  • Trigger cable
  • C25 remote control with batteries
  • AC Polarity Pen

If any of these items are missing please contact your supplier. We recommend you retain the packaging in case you need to transport the unit at a later date.

Note that the PRE35 is supplied with a protective film on the display glass. Remove the film for a clearer whiter display.

2 Connect to a power amplifier

The PRE35 is designed to be connected to a power amplifier with either balanced or unbalanced inputs.

If the power amplifier provides balanced inputs, such as the Primare A35.2:

  • Connect the PRE2 or PRE3 L and R outputs from the PRE35 to the L and R balanced inputs in the power amplifier, using high quality XLR cables.

If the power amplifier only provides unbalanced inputs:

  • Connect the PRE1 L and R outputs from the PRE35 to the L and R inputs on the power amplifier, using high quality RCA cables.

Fixed-level analogue output

The PRE35 also provides a fixed-level analogue output on the LINE output on RCA connectors, to allow you to connect to active speakers or an analogue recorder.

Digital output

The PRE35 also provides a coax digital output on an RCA connector.

3 Connect inputs

You can connect up to two balanced sources, up to three unbalanced sources, and up to six digital sources to the inputs on the back panel.

Balanced inputs

  • Connect balanced sources, such as the Primare CD35 CD player, to balanced inputs A1 and A2 using high quality XLR cables.

Unbalanced inputs

  • Connect unbalanced sources to the unbalanced inputs A3, A4, and A5 using high quality RCA cables.

Digital inputs

  • Connect digital optical sources to the digital optical inputs D6 to D9 using optical cables.
  • Connect digital coax sources to the digital coax inputs D10 and D11 using digital RCA cables.

You can also connect a PC or Mac to the USB-B input to use the PRE35 as an audio output device for your computer. 

4 Connect power

  • Plug one end of the mains cable supplied with the PRE35 into the power connector on the back panel, and connect the other end to a wall socket.

If this cable is not suitable for your power outlets please contact your supplier for an alternative cable.

Note: See Phase for information about getting the best sound from your PRE35.

WARNING: Always disconnect the PRE35 from the mains power before connecting or disconnecting any cables.

  • Switch on the PRE35, using the switch on the back panel.

To switch on from standby

  • Press on the front panel or remote control.

The display shows:


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For the specific procedure for each of the most popular web browsers see How do I print or save a PDF copy of the on-user guides?.


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