MM15 Moving Magnet Preamplifier Module Installation Instructions


1 Requirements

To follow these installation instructions you will need:

  • #10 Torx Screwdriver
  • Flush diagonal wire cutters
  • Static-free working area
  • Anti-static wrist strap

2 Remove power

  • Unplug the mains connector from the back of the I15.

This is important as there are dangerous voltage levels accessible inside the I15.

3 Remove the I15 case

  • Remove the 8 Torx screws securing the top of the I15 case.
  • Lift off the case and put it to one side.
  • Position the I15 with the front panel facing you.
  • Attach the anti-static wrist strap to your wrist and attach the grounding cable to the I15 case.

4 Cut the line level links

  • Locate the three wire links labelled JP1, JP2, and JP3 at the top right-hand corner of the I15 circuit board.
  • Snip through the centre of each of the wire links, and bend the ends slightly apart so there’s no danger of them making contact.

This disconnects the original line-level input from the A1 source.

It’s a good idea to leave the wires in place, rather than removing them completely, so that if you want to remove the MM15 board at a later date you can reinstate the line-level input by adding a blob of solder to each link.

5 Change the RIAA setting

A shorting block on the board should be moved to add RIAA equalisation for the phono input. The position of the block depends on whether the board is VM2 or VM1:

VM2 board

  • Locate the jumper block:

  • Move the shorting block from the upper position to the lower position:

VM1 board

  • Locate the jumper block, to the left of the MM15 board position:

  • Move the shorting block from the upper position to the lower position:

5 Install the MM15 board

  • Unpack the MM15 board and mounting screws from the protective packaging.
  • Place it in position so the two header sockets on the MM15 board mate with the header plugs on the I15 board (see previous diagram).
  • Press firmly on the two header sockets so that the board is fully located in position.

  • Secure the MM15 board by inserting the four Posidriv screws supplied with the MM15 board into the tapped pillars at each corner of the board.

6 Replace the I15 case

  • Replace the I15 case and secure it with the 8 Torx screws.
  • Check that the MM15 board has been recognised by confirming that the label of the A1 source has now changed to PHONO.


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