I35 DAC Integrated Amplifier User Guide

Using the I35

Front panel controls


Selects an input. In the settings menus navigates between settings.


Switches the I35 to standby, or switches it on from standby.


Displays the settings menus or exits from the menus.


In the settings menus selects a setting or saves an edited setting.


In the settings menus navigates back or cancels editing a setting.


Changes the volume.

Changing the volume

The I35 allows you to vary the volume from 0 (silence) to 99 (maximum).

To change the volume

  • Rotate the VOLUME control on the front panel, or press the + or buttons or the  or  buttons on the remote control.

The current volume setting is shown on the front panel; for example:

Selecting a source

The I35 provides a choice of 12 inputs. Initially these are labelled as shown in the following table, but you can give them your own aliases to suit the sources in your system; see Alias.

Label Description
A1, A2 Balanced analogue on XLR connectors.
A3–A5 Unbalanced analogue on RCA connectors.
D6–D9 Digital optical on TOS connectors.
D10, D11 Digital coax on RCA connectors.
PC/MAC (12) Digital on USB-B connector.

To select a source

  • Turn the SELECTOR until the source is indicated on the front panel display; for example:

    Alternatively, press the or buttons on the remote control to step between sources, or press one of the buttons 1 to 12 on the remote control to select the corresponding source directly.

    Changing the display brightness

    To change the front panel display brightness

    • Press the DIM button on the remote control to step through the three levels of illumination and blank.

    If you turn the display off it will be restored briefly when you operate any control.

    The display automatically dims after ten minutes; you can adjust this delay in the settings menus; see General settings.


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