CD35 Compact Disc Player User Guide

Using the CD35

Front panel controls


Switches the CD35 to standby, or switches it on from standby.


When the disc is stopped: plays the disc.

When the disc is playing: skips to the next track.

Press and hold: skips back through the tracks.


When the disc is playing: pauses the disc.

When the disc is paused: stops the disc.

When the disc is stopped: opens or closes the CD tray.

Press and hold: opens the CD tray.

Settings menus

Pressing  and simultaneously displays the settings menus or exits from the menus.

In the settings menus:

Pressing  or steps between the settings.

Holding down  selects a setting or saves an edited setting.

Holding down navigates back or cancels editing a setting.

Playing a disc

To insert a disc

  • Press and hold the button on the front panel, or on the remote control, to open the tray.
  • Place the CD in the tray with the label facing upwards.
  • Press the button again to close the tray (or press the  button).

The display shows:

followed by the number of tracks and total time:

To play the disc

  • Press the  button on the front panel, or the  button on the remote control.

While a disc is playing the display shows the current track number and the elapsed time of the current track; for example:

To pause the disc

  • Press the button on the front panel, or the  button on the remote control, while the disc is playing.

The display shows the pause symbol:

You can then resume play by pressing the  button on the front panel or the  button on the remote control.

To stop play

  • Press the button on the front panel or the remote control.

Locating a position on the disc

You can step between tracks to locate a particular track on the disc, or you can scan forwards or backwards to locate a position within a track.

To step forwards through the tracks

  • Press the  button on the front panel, or press the  button on the remote control.

To step back through the tracks

  • Press and hold the  button on the front panel, or press the  button on the remote control.

The front panel display shows the track number:

  • Release the button to start playing the selected track from the beginning.

To scan through the disc

  • Hold down the or  button on the remote control to scan at 4X speed.

The display shows the position within the track.

  • Release the or  button to start playing from the position you have located.


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