SPA25 Prisma OTA Release


Today we are launching an OTA update for SPA25 Prisma, reflected in the firmware number table below, that provides some much-needed bug fixes, solution to issues, and addition of some features outlined in the change log further below.

IMPORTANT: While the SPA25 Prisma firmware update will happen automatically, it is critical that the latest Dirac Live firmware has been manually uploaded to the unit.

The Dirac Live update requires downloading the new firmware (SPA25-Dirac-v2.1.15) from a computer for uploading to the SPA25 Prisma.

Instructions for performing the update and related firmware are under the Support tab of the SPA25 Prisma product page and at the links below:



This update was released 24 August with the prior SPA25 Prisma firmware OTA update, so if you have already completed the Dirac Live update at that time there is no need to do the update again.

Firmware Numbers



















Change Log

Dirac and DSP related:

  • Solved an issue where adjustments in DSP didn’t take effect immediately.
  • Solved an issue where the Dirac stimuli (calibration sweep tone) was not bypassing bass management, outputting signal to the subwoofer simultaneously as speakers with crossovers.
  • Solved an issue where test tone for subwoofer was wrong during Dirac calibration when using 2.1 speaker configuration.
  • Solved an issue where subwoofer level was too high during Dirac calibration, causing Dirac to decrease the level.
  • Solved an issue where Temporary Adjustment menu showed “Dirac”, even though no Dirac filter was enabled.
  • Added the possibility to adjust levels in Temporary Adjustment menu when a Dirac filter is activated.
  • Solved an issue where test tone generator (Level settings) output subwoofer simultaneously as speakers with crossovers. (OSD Test Tone generator is now bypassing bass management.)
  • Solved an issue where Height Rear Left & Right distance adjustments had no effect in 5.1.4 speaker configuration.

OSD related:

  • Corrected the order of Height Left and Right speaker in Distance menu.
  • Added confirmation prompt if enabling ‘Fixed’ Speaker Mute from OSD menu.
  • Added help text “Confirm Line output on Front RCA” in confirmation prompt.
  • Added graying out invalid DSP mode options while Speaker Mute is activated.
  • Solved an issue where OSD was closed when entering LED Brightness submenus.
  • Solved an issue where Streaming firmware version numbers were not updated in OSD after firmware update.

Volume related:

  • Solved an issue where volume 4, 3, 2, 1 was the same level as volume 0 on Front L & R output.
  • Solved an issue where volume did not return to default value when disabling Speaker Mute.
  • Solved an issue where volume could be changed from front panel while ‘Fixed’ Speaker Mute was activated.


  • Changed the sequence of executed commands during factory reset progress.
  • Recovered the order of user parameters from old firmware to new firmware.

Should you have any questions or need assistance, please submit a help request at this link below and our team will do our best to assist you as soon as possible.

Tack! The Primare Team


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