SPA25 Prisma and Dirac March Update


We are have launched firmware updates last week for SPA25 Prisma, resolving issues with bass management and Dirac implementation, as well as additional bug fixes, to provide reliable Dirac measurement and calibration.

SPA25 Prisma OTA Update will happen automatically for all network connected devices.

Dirac Live Update requires downloading the new firmware (SPA25-Dirac-v2.1.17) from a computer for uploading to the SPA25 Prisma.

Instructions for performing the update and related firmware are under the Support tab of the SPA25 Prisma product page and at the links below:



Firmware version numbers:

Main:               v 2.51
Streaming:       v 15495
Cast:                v 1.52.272222
DSP:                 v 1.46
OSD:                v 1.04

Dirac:               v 2.1.17

Change log:

  • Added eARC preset in position 3 (between presets HDMI 2 and A1)
  • Removed cascading filters for subwoofer output for improved bass management function
  • Fixed an output issue with IMAX Enhanced format when using Amazon Firestick
  • Improved ethernet connection stability
  • Corrected Dirac Live calibration tone output when Center speaker is turned off
  • Fixed an issue where some DTS formats did not show correct channel and sample rate information
  • Fixed an issue of no audio for Stereo PCM (88.2, 96, 176.4, 192 kHz) when using eARC
  • Improved accuracy of ADC clock for microphone included with the SPA25 Prisma for more precise measurements with Dirac Live

What’s Next?

  • SP25 Prisma home cinema processor launch, the updated SPA25 Prisma firmware will be used to finalise SP25 Prisma firmware allowing for shipment in the coming weeks to distributors, dealers, and customers of this much anticipated new model.
  • Control 4 drivers, with additional control platforms to follow.
  • Prisma app and firmware update for gapless playback with TIDAL and Qobuz, as well as various bug fixes.
  • Roon Ready certification for SC15 Prisma MK2 network player DAC, SP25 Prisma home cinema integrated amp and SPA25 Prisma home cinema processor.

As we work to provide the updates above as soon as possible, should you have questions or need assistance, please submit a help request form at this link.

With sincere apologies to our customers for the ongoing delays and thanks for your continued patience, The Primare Team


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