HiFi.nl, The Netherlands, September 2023
SPA25 Prisma: Primare SPA25 Prisma AV Amplifier

“Primare has developed the SPA25 Prisma home cinema amplifier especially for demanding music lovers who want to listen to music in its purest form, but also want to experience an optimal movie experience. With this beautiful Primare you make no concessions in the search for perfect image and sound…

The sound quality of this SPA25 Prisma can not only compete with many high-quality integrated amplifiers, many preamp/amp combinations will also have difficulty matching the sound quality of the Primare. Let alone surpass it…

Conclusion – Primare recommends this SPA25 as the ultimate solution for audio and cinephiles. After our review period, we believe that the Malmö-based high-end audio manufacturer is one hundred percent right. If you do not value specifications on paper but prefer an easy-to-use AV component with an uncompromising construction and perfect image and sound quality, then this high-end AV amplifier from Primare will last you many years. Five-star award.”


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