FWD, Benelux, March 2024
SC15 MK2 Prisma – Lots of talent for music

“CONCLUSION – The term ‘smart’ is often used for devices with a lot of functionality, especially in the field of smart home and streaming. The SC15 MK2 Prisma also deserves the label ‘smart’, but mainly because Primare has thought very carefully about which functions to offer. A good balance has been achieved, because many inputs, the right software and the WiSA module make the SC15 MK2 extremely versatile. The great thing about this is that you don’t end up with something complex, ease of use was clearly a priority. Add a handsome design and you are talking about a preamplifier-streamer-DAC that is very different from Asian alternatives. Less geeky and with a focus on sound. The most important thing is of course the sound quality. The new DAC implementation at the heart of the MK2 update delivers a very successful result in this regard.”


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