PRE32/A34.2: “Different Class”

Reviewer Andrew Simpson has awarded a galaxy of stars and a coveted ‘Editor’s Choice badge to our 30 series amp flagship in the January 15 issue of UK hi-fi mag ‘Hi-F-Choice’. Scoring a maximum five-star result in three of the four categories the PRE32/A34.2 “could be all the amp you’ll ever need”. He says “Despite covering all bases from amp to DAC and network streamer, you’ll never be found lost in a muddle of menus and button pressing, as the Primares come top of the class for an enjoyable, accessible and rewarding user experience. And it’s not just the interface that scores highly, as they’re also blessed with a sonic finesse that opens up the music to show it at its best, while being equally forgiving of poorer sources. Treat them to some hi-res material and they’ll really show just what they’re capable of.”


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