I35 Prisma HiFi+ Review

In a very real way, I’ve not had a more immediate example of just how potentially game-changing this is, even though I’ve been working with computer audio in some way or form since the Napster days. This isn’t a ‘technology’ issue, it’s one of philosophy of listening and the psychology of the listener. You change your way of thinking between ‘I35’ and ‘I35 Prisma’ and the change is well met and worth making.  

The addition of Prisma almost immediately changes your perception of the Primare I35 from ‘amplifier’ to ‘ complete music-making entity’. It stops being just another product on the shelf, because it challenges the need for the rest of those products on the other shelves in your system. Even with a significant collection of unripped discs playing through a disc spinner of some description, you find yourself drawn almost inexorably to streaming; not in some Svengali-like way and not just for simplicity. It’s because music happens that way and you want to get more of it. 


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