Heimkino, Germany, Jun 2022
A35.8 – Power Amplifier with Extra Class

For Film and Music – Our test home cinema confirms the excellent impression from the laboratory. The Primare masters the delicate tones and knows how to please with its balanced, sensitive sound. When it’s time to turn it up and the walls are supposed to shake, it doesn’t show any weaknesses and lets the cinema tremble with brute dynamics. A big movie theatre! 

Incidentally, the Primare A35.8 is also excellent for enjoying music. High-fidelity sound characteristics paired with seemingly unlimited power reserves also delight demanding listeners. If you bridge all four channel pairs, the eight-channel power amplifier is also ideal for driving a stereo system in bi-amping mode. With a whopping 1.5 kW total output! The A35.8 is therefore recommended not only for use in the home cinema, but also for the sophisticated stereo listening room. 

Conclusion – The EISA (Expert Imaging and Sound Association) recently named the Primare A35.8 Best Product 2022-2023. Quite rightly so: superior performance, flawless sound, and a wide range of possible uses also give the eight-channel monster our absolute recommendation!” 


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