Fidelity, Germany, September 2022
A35.8 – Customized Performance

“With two bridged pairs of channels, the bass gains another ounce of impact and definition, but at the same time it is even more permeable for the mids, which can now breathe even more freely. In addition, especially with the bowed bass at the beginning of the piece, it is noticeable how the attack and decay of the tones are traced even more finely. The stage changes not significant in their extent, but the individual sound events now seem to be even better separated. earth shattering? Not really, but after two or three changes I can blindly tell the difference between single and bi-amping – based on small but clearly understandable differences that I don’t want to do without afterwards because they simply add that much more fun to listening to music worries.

The experiment in search of the next bit of sound quality can therefore be considered an absolute success – especially when you consider that the additional costs are very reasonable and the eight-channel power plant takes up no more space in the rack than a stereo power amplifier.”


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