AV Forums, UK, December 2023
A35.8 – AV Forums Editor’s Choice AV Power Amplifier 2023/2024

“The Primare 35.8 is a corker of a multi-channel power amp. We didn’t need to look any further in 2023 if there was a need to furnish our AV racks with eight or sixteen channels of unbridled power. The Primare might just be an innocuous – although alluring and classy – black box with an on/off switch. But this three-footed slab can elicit extreme levels of detail, massive dynamics and laser-like imaging from all your source material. Bridge your left, centre and right speakers for up to a whopping 700 watts per channel and the performance takes yet another noticeable bump.

… extreme levels of detail, massive dynamics and laser-like imaging The exposition on movies is relentless and yet articulate in the extreme. Two-channel music recordings come off as almost tangible with a delightfully analogue quality for a Class D design. This is all a surprise. As a consumer, you must prepare to spend big on the best amplifiers for a dedicated home cinema. But note that these are the components that will probably take up residence in your AV room for the longest haul. If you’re at the decision stage for purchasing eight (or sixteen) channels of no-holds-barred power, we say don’t overlook the Primare 35.8.”


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