PRE32 / A34.2: “… a truly unbelievable jaw-dropping spectacle …”

Soundrebels’ Marcin Olszewski writes of the PRE32 and A34.2 combo: “The breadth, timbre, volume and general overall quality of the sound generated by this set is a truly unbelievable jaw-dropping spectacle to behold so much so that I was left anxiously leafing through the promotional material, distributor price lists and relevant emails to check that no mistakes had surreptitiously been overlooked. The momentum, dynamics and richness of my notoriously difficult to tame speakers positively surprised me… Without wanting to define things in absolute terms, it is no exaggeration to say that we are dealing with a quasi-living organism pulsing with raw energy flooding the environment with vivid colors. The instruments and voices come alive and are seductively attractive and more clearly defined… The resulting state of happiness is such that you could have knocked me down with a feather.”


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