SC15 Prisma MK2 – network player and DAC

AVAILABLE NOW! Improving on every performance parameter of the original, the new SC15 Prisma MK2 is a full-featured network player and DAC featuring preamplification functionality, automatic and manual speaker EQ, and WiSA high-resolution wireless speaker connection technology, advanced digital to analog conversion, and employing the Prisma bundle of control and connectivity technology.

SC15 Prisma MK2 – Review System Audio Legend 40.2 Silverback and Primare SC15 Mk2 – an active combinationSC15 MK2 Prisma – Lots of talent for musicSC15 Prisma – Audiograde Best of 2022 / Digital StreamerSC15 Prisma – System review: Primare SC 15 Prisma network preamp and System Audio Legend 7.2 Silverback active speakersHiFi+ Innovation Award 2021


SC15 Prisma MK2 continues a Primare tradition of delivering astonishing performance from compact and elegant devices for easy installation into virtually any living environment, and with the three-quarter-sized cabinet of SC15 Prisma, even greater possibilities open up for providing the highest quality music performance and access to any and every room in the house.

SC15 Prisma MK2 is a full-featured network player and digital to analog converter, providing digital to analog conversion with up to PCM 384kHz and DSD 256 capabilities, as well as complete digital media access and system management by way of the Prisma connectivity and control technology.

With selectable fixed or variable output, SC15 Prisma MK2 can serve as an advanced network player for any system in fixed mode, or connected directly to a pair of powered speakers for a compact high performance stereo system in variable.

SC15 Prisma also includes WiSA high resolution wireless speaker connectivity with WiSA enabled high performance powered loudspeakers and subwoofers, offering an additional output option for this most versatile performer.

Additionally, with WiSA speaker connection the analog output can be configured for wired subwoofer output.

Prisma – Network and Multiroom Technology

Prisma is a bundle of technologies that provide the broadest range of network music player features and functionality. Essentially created to be a streamer that would allow everyone, and everywhere, in the household to explore, discover, and share the deeply satisfying experience of high-performance music playback – Prisma provides multi-room/multi-zone connectivity and control of stored and streamed media, whether wired or wireless, all managed from mobile devices through the dedicated Prisma system control app.

In addition to AirPlay 2, Bluetooth®, Roon Ready*, and Spotify Connect®, Prisma features Chromecast built-in, a unique streaming portal allowing effortless direct connection to hundreds of streaming applications and services, including voice control, for the best possible performance and user experience.

*with future update

New to the SC15 Prisma MK2 is automatic Room and Manual EQ function using a program built-in to the Prisma application. The EQ function can be used with any iOS mobile device, while Android devices require the use of the Zen microphone (currently on back-order until March 2024).

Room EQ automatic optimisation method is easy to use. During the measurement sequence, the speakers will play back pink noise for 60 seconds while the iOS device or Zen mic is moved around the room in large circular motions. The EQ function samples all positions in the room to identify each room mode.

When the measurement sequence is complete, the speaker compensation will be automatically calculated, and a bass filter will be applied to the system to counteract boundary effects, compensating for the interference caused by the room.

Once the room has been measured and the system calibrated using the automatic Room EQ, it is possible to manually adjust the speakers’ response to meet personal preferences.

The look and feel of Scandinavia

We believe that every aspect of our products – the way they look, the satisfying feel of the controls – contributes to the overall experience of living with Primare. As a result, Primare products exude the hallmarks of Scandinavian design – simple, elegant designs, with approachable and easy to understand functionality.
An example of this is the compact, essentially three-quarter sized, of the 15 series, cabinets creating the sense of perfect proportions being just right for allowing placement within any living environment – or as we say lagom, not too much not too little, everything in balance, proportion, and harmony.

Primare System Building CD15 I15 R15

System Building

With the 15 Series, we offer a carefully considered array of models in order to allow for the best selection to fit any of your system needs. For example, the ultimate 15 Series system might be the DD15 CD transport, SC15 MK2 Prisma preamplifier and network player, I15 analog integrated amplifier, and R15 MM/MC phono preamplifier, allowing for the best performance, analog or digital, with the greatest number of connection options. However, there may be no need for additional digital inputs, MC phono preamplification may not be requirement, or simply to address budget or size considerations, a system composed of CD15 Prisma CD and network player with an I15 MM integrated amplifier with MM15 MM phono module installed could be assembled. This compact and reasonably priced system provides multiple analog source playback, including vinyl disc, as well as digital disc, stored or streamed media playback, with remarkable power, control, and connection flexibility.

  • DACESS ES9028Q2M
  • RCA2 x stereo analog pair input
  • RCA1 x digital input
  • Toslinkx 3 digital inputs
  • USB-B1 x digital input
  • RCA1 x stereo variable analog output
  • RCA1 x digital output
  • C25 remoteIR system control
  • IR3.5 mm in/out
  • RS232outboard system control port
  • 12V Triggerin/out
  • USB-Ax 1
  • Ethernetx1
  • WiFi
  • Prismaconnectivity and control
  • AirPlay 2
  • Bluetooth
  • Chromecast built-in
  • Roon Readywith future update
  • Spotify Connect
  • Weight6 kg
  • Dimensions350 x 73 x 329mm (WHD)
  • Finishesblack or titanium

For more detailed specifications see the design brief and user guide.

  • Alpha Audio, Benelux, May 2024
    SC15 Prisma MK2 – Review System Audio Legend 40.2 Silverback and Primare SC15 Mk2 – an active combination

    “The Primare SC15 Mk2 is almost three times more expensive than the Stereo hub offered by System Audio, but brings benefits: better audio quality on all fronts, especially due to the better power supply used by Primare and the Prisma streaming platform with the Prisma app that has Qobuz and Tidal built in.

    For most households, an active speaker is preferable, even if they often do not know it. It is the least “hassle” and the best audio quality you can get for your money, especially with options like Room EQ. Put it carefully in the optimal spot in your room, adjust it once (or have it adjusted) with Room EQ and you are done. Combined with the Primare SC15 MK2, the entire system of Primare and System Audio speakers is very stable. During the review period of several weeks, the WiSa connection did not give a single problem and Primare’s Prisma platform delivers reliably.”

    View full review
  • FWD, Benelux, March 2024
    SC15 MK2 Prisma – Lots of talent for music

    “CONCLUSION – The term ‘smart’ is often used for devices with a lot of functionality, especially in the field of smart home and streaming. The SC15 MK2 Prisma also deserves the label ‘smart’, but mainly because Primare has thought very carefully about which functions to offer. A good balance has been achieved, because many inputs, the right software and the WiSA module make the SC15 MK2 extremely versatile. The great thing about this is that you don’t end up with something complex, ease of use was clearly a priority. Add a handsome design and you are talking about a preamplifier-streamer-DAC that is very different from Asian alternatives. Less geeky and with a focus on sound. The most important thing is of course the sound quality. The new DAC implementation at the heart of the MK2 update delivers a very successful result in this regard.”

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  • SC15 Prisma – Audiograde Best of 2022 / Digital Streamer

    “Primare is one of those brands that goes for understated looks and over-expected sonics. The SC 15 Prisma is both a streamer and preamp that’s a breeze to use and is blessed with a neutral musical air that’s a delight to live with long term.”

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  • Audiograde, UK, July 2022
    SC15 Prisma – System review: Primare SC 15 Prisma network preamp and System Audio Legend 7.2 Silverback active speakers

    “What this system highlights is how hifi’s boundaries have rightly evolved to meet real world needs. When combined, Primare’s SC15 front end and SA’s Silverback speakers will easily give traditional two channel systems at a similar price point a run for their money in terms of sonics and usability, because the underpinning quality of both products hasn’t been compromised.

    Leave your preconceptions at the door, as the Primare and SA combination warrants your attention should you be in the market for a flexible solution without the big box count.”

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  • HiFi+, UK, October 2021
    HiFi+ Innovation Award 2021

    Primare have received an Innovation award from HiFi+ with the following citation:

    First founded in 1985 by industrial designer Bo Christensen, Primare’s is perhaps one of the most recognisably Scandinavian brands in audio. Its combination of minimalism and good performance all point to a Swedish brand.

    So, when Primare uses a Swedish word to describe its ethos, perhaps we shouldn’t be too surprised. That word is ‘Lagom’ (pronounced ‘laah-goam’) and roughly translates to ‘just the right amount.’ In Primare’s world this means keeping everything in balance, harmony and proportion, and that the music – rather than the technology or the box in which it comes – should be the focus of audio.

    To this end, Primare employs a very modular approach to its product design, such as its latest Ultra Fast Power Device module (used throughout the range), which shows what Class D can do in the hands of very competent design engineers.

    Link to announcement: HiFi+200 Innovation Award 

    View/download full review as PDF
  • Audio Test, Germany, July 2020
    SC15 Prisma: Cool Synergies – Phonar P4 Match Air and SC15 Prisma

    “The sound is free and sparkling. Especially in the bass, where the ensemble is practicing skillful restraint, however, the performance is not restrained in its liveliness. The performance wins thereby in spatial depth and gives that unmistakable song of abundant Swedish freedom.

    Sehr Gut – 88%”

    View/download full review as PDF
  • Diapason, France, February 2020
    SC15 Prisma: 11 Sources from 499€ to 6700€

    “The Primare SC15 network player is a great success, full of balance and not without personality. It is also an excellent preamplifier” – Diapason D’Or 

    View/download full review as PDF
  • Music Emotion, The Netherlands, November 2020
    R15, SC15, I15 MM, CD15 Prisma: The Swedish Approach

    “The 15 Series includes after all, relatively many models, so that anyone can build a system which suits their needs… And that fits in perfectly with Primare’s focus on ‘lagom’ (read: exactly what is needed), which is the Swedish approach.”

    View/download full review as PDF
  • HiFi+, UK, September 2020
    DD15, SC15 Prisma, R15, I15 MM: Primare 15 System

    “For my part, I’d be happy with the system whichever way it was put together… In other words, if you want to keep your options open and have all of those options sound good, don’t be surprised if all your electronics end up with a Primare logo on the front.”

    View/download full review as PDF
  • Soundstage Simplifi, Canada, May 2019
    SC15 Prisma: Primare SC15 Prisma Streaming DAC-Preamp

    “Primare’s SC15 Prisma streaming preamplifier is a beautifully built, fine-sounding component that can accommodate a plethora of digital sources as well as high-quality streaming from mobile devices, and its small footprint makes it very attractive for use in multi-purpose living spaces.”

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  • HomeCinema Magazine, March 2020
    SC15 Prisma: System Audio Speakers and Primare SC15, HiFi Without Wires

    “Marry the Primare SC15 with the System Audio silverback 5 legend speakers and you get a complete music system that performs very ear-friendly. It is extremely versatile, in particular thanks to Primare’s Prisma platform, which has many streaming options. The great thing about all this is that you enjoy it without the disadvantages of many cables and complex stacks of equipment. Thanks to WiSA technology, you do not compromise on quality, and you no longer have to think about how you will conceal that speaker cable. In short, this makes this system a rock-solid entry for the ‘better sound for the living room for now’ championship.”

    View full review
  • Alpha-Audio, The Netherlands, December 2020
    I15 MM and SC15 Prisma: Primare duo

    “What a great duo this is! We hear loads of details, a lot of enthusiasm and a lot of speed. It is especially the i15 that realizes this. It gets an Alpha Approved from us. Truly a GREAT amplifier.”

    View full review
  • Hi fi Stars, June 2019, Germany
    SC15 – No small thing

    “The versatile Primare SC15 Prisma cuts an excellent figure both as an analogue preamplifier and as a converter and network player. In doing so, it combines useful functions with its priority for high-quality audio playback. As an overall package, I see very few competitors on par for the SC15 Prisma in its price range.”

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