PRISMA remote control

PRISMA remote is capable of controlling virtually every function of every model Primare has made featuring remote control, as well as providing basic control for most current video displays.

Key Features

  • Essentially a Primare universal remote control, PRISMA is capable of controlling every Primare product built that allows for IR remote control.
  • Easy to configure for use with both past and current Primare models, as well as basic video display control of approximately 160,000 models from 1166 different brands.
  • Updates to improve the remote functions are available through the use of the free ruwido infrared application.
  • Backlighting allows for ease of use in low light.

  • Dimensions235 x 43 x18 mm (lxwxh)
  • Weight.15 Kg

For more detailed specifications see the design brief and user guide.

To take full advantage of all PRISMA offers:

First, download the ruwido infrared application to your mobile device and follow the instructions in the app to update the remote to the latest software.

Second, review the functions and features of the remote in the PRISMA user guide (currently being produced) and learn the steps needed to configure it to control your Primare components and video display.

It’s that easy to take control of your Primare system.

Primare Help Centre

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