I35 Prisma DM36 – modular integrated amplifier and network player

I35 Prisma DM36 combines the NEW DM36 digital to analog conversion module and SM35 Prisma network player module with the award winning I35 modular integrated amplifier platform, featuring our UFPD 2 amplification technology delivering 150 watts of power per channel and balanced inputs, to create an extraordinarily versatile control and power centre for any system.

I35 Prisma: Really everything in it!I35 Prisma: Nordic CharismaI35+CD35 Prisma: Dream Couple of QualityI35 + CD35 Prisma: Primare CD35/I35 Prisma Network/CD Player & AmpI35 Prisma – Editors’ Choice Award 2022

Primare I35 Prisma modular integrated amplifier and network player technology inside


I35 Prisma DM36 modular integrated amplifier is the latest iteration of Primare’s now iconic integrated amplifiers and among the first to use our new UFPD 2 power system, a radical reworking of Primare’s award-winning UFPD all-analog Class-D technology.

Providing 150 watts at 8 ohms of absolutely linear UFPD 2 amplification across the entire audible bandwidth, the I35 Prisma delivers naturally fast, clean and agile sound with an unprecedented ability to bring music to life.

In addition to a pair of XLR balanced and three RCA analog inputs, I35 Prisma DM36 includes both the sophisticated digital to analog converter module, DM36, as well as a Prisma network player module, SM35, to create an extraordinarily versatile system control centre.

I35 Prisma DM36 continues a Primare tradition of delivering astonishing performance from compact and elegant integrated amplifiers for easy installation into virtually any living environment.

The I35 Prisma DM36 includes both the sophisticated digital to analog converter module, DM36, as well as a Prisma network player module, SM35, to create an extraordinarily versatile system control centre.

The DM36 is a full-featured digital to analog converter stage enabling up to PCM 384kHz/32bit and DSD 256 conversion, featuring up-sampling options and MQA processing.

MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) is an award-winning British technology that delivers the sound of the original master recording. The master MQA file is fully authenticated and is small enough to stream or download.

Visit mqa.co.uk for more information.

Primare I35 Prisma modular integrated amplifier and network player side black

Prisma – Network and Multiroom Technology

Prisma is a bundle of technologies that provide the broadest range of network music player features and functionality. Essentially created to be a streamer that would allow everyone, and everywhere, in the household to explore, discover, and share the deeply satisfying experience of high-performance music playback – Prisma provides multi-room/multi-zone connectivity and control of stored and streamed media, whether wired or wireless, all managed from mobile devices through the dedicated Prisma system control app.

In addition to AirPlay 2, Bluetooth®, Roon Ready*, and Spotify Connect®, Prisma features Chromecast built-in, a unique streaming portal allowing effortless direct connection to hundreds of streaming applications and services, including voice control, for the best possible performance and user experience.

*with future update

The look and feel of Scandinavia

We believe that every aspect of our products – the way they look, the satisfying feel of the controls – contributes to the overall experience of living with Primare. As a result, Primare products exude the hallmarks of Scandinavian design – simple, elegant designs, with approachable and easy to understand functionality.

An example of this is our signature control knob, known throughout the industry for both its appearance as well as how it feels in the hand as an input is selected or volume adjusted. – or as we say lagom, not too much not too little, everything in balance, proportion, and harmony.

Primare I35 Prisma modular integrated amplifier and network player front titanium

Modular Design and System Building

We feel it is essential to offer modularity whenever possible in order to have just the right features, both now and for the future. Modular design is featured in the I25 and I35 modular integrated amplifiers, as well as the PRE35 modular preamplifier, all of which can be updated with DAC and Prisma modules, as well as the CD35 CD player that can have the Prisma module added, either at the time of purchase or at a later date. As a result, we are able to offer a carefully considered array of models and configurations in order to allow for device selection that best fits any system need. For example, a CD35 with Prisma module installed can be paired with an I35 integrated amplifier, allowing for a separation of analog and digital stages. Or, an I35 with DAC and Prisma modules installed can be paired with a DD35 CD transport, allowing for multi-room and multi-zone playback of every input, whether analog or digital source.

I25 and I35 Integrated Amplifier

In this video we review the features and functionality of both the I25 and I35 modular integrated amplifier platforms that may make them the perfect addition to your system.

  • UPFD 22 x 150W 8 ohms / 2 x 300 4 ohms
  • XLR2 x stereo pair analog inputs
  • RCA3 x stereo pair analog inputs
  • RCA1 x stereo pair analog LINE output
  • RCA1 x stereo pair analog PRE output
  • C25 remoteIR system control
  • IR3.5 mm input/output
  • 12V Trigger3.5 mm output
  • RS232outboard system control port
  • DACESS ES9068A
  • Toslink4 x digital input
  • RCA2 x digital input
  • RCA1 x digital output
  • USB-B1 x digital input
  • Prismacontrol and connectivity
  • USB-A1 x digital input
  • Ethernetx 2
  • WiFi
  • AirPlay
  • Bluetooth
  • Chromecast built-in
  • MQA
  • Spotify Connect
  • Weight11 Kg
  • Dimensions430 x 106 x 420 mm (WHD)
  • Finishesblack or titanium

For more detailed specifications see the design brief and user guide.

  • HiFi-Stars, Germany, October 2018
    I35 Prisma: Really everything in it!

    “In terms of sound, the I35 brings out the big guns here […] The Swede illuminates the stage deeply and widely, taking care of every detail, such as the instruments that are sometimes placed far out in the stereo panorama or the powerful, sensitively played bass, which, like the old master’s still fresh voice, is transmitted almost crystal clear […] It’s all incredibly fast and natural in its appearance. Lively in the best sense!”

    View/download full review as PDF
  • Audio Test, Germany, July 2018
    I35 Prisma: Nordic Charisma

    “With the I35 Prisma, Primare has succeeded in creating a versatile all-rounder that offers excellent network control, especially in terms of user experience […] In 2018, user experience is a top priority. Simple, quick operation and intuitive access to various online services – ideally throughout the house. Primare’s I35 Prisma masters this maxim with ease and also offers great sound quality. With a market value of 4,500 euros, the I35 Prisma is anything but a bargain, but the user definitely gets his money’s worth here!”

    View/download full review as PDF
  • Stereoplay, Germany August 2018
    I35+CD35 Prisma: Dream Couple of Quality

    “In general, Class D amplifiers are characterised by an extremely high efficiency of around 90%. They are therefore extremely efficient and therefore generate little waste heat. Large cooling fins are not necessary; the I35, despite its high performance, only needs a few small heat sinks attached directly to the components […] We were particularly impressed by its breathtaking speed. The amplifier organised the complex sound in a lively and tight manner, skillfully distributing its almost endless reserves and achieving maximum dynamics, while the CD player brought the finest details to light. What a successful combination! ” Stereoplay Highlight

    View/download full review as PDF
  • HiFi News, UK, May 2019
    I35 + CD35 Prisma: Primare CD35/I35 Prisma Network/CD Player & Amp

    Cool Velvet – There’s something very alluring about the sound of this CD player/integrated amplifier. Working as a pair, with the CD35 acting as a digital disc transport for the I35 – one is immediately struck by the smoothness of the music. Indeed, they serve up an almost velvety rendition of whatever recording you choose to play. It’s an easy-going presentation yet one that’s authoritative, the combination rising to any challenge without sounding flustered.”

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  • Absolute Sound, USA 2022
    I35 Prisma – Editors’ Choice Award 2022

    “Primare’s 150Wpc Class D integrated is teeming with connectivity—Wi-Fi and Ethernet for network-based storage and streaming services like Tidal, Bluetooth, and AirPlay. (It can also be configured analog-only.) Sonically it walks the straight and narrow with solid, pitch-precise behavior in the bass, a full midrange, and a treble that doesn’t etch or irritate. Its character veers slightly to the cooler side of the tonal spectrum, and transient behavior is swift and clean. Picking up on the leading edges of a tambourine rattle, a trumpet blast, or even the fingernails of a classical guitarist is part of the enjoyment of living with the I35. A rock-solid performer.”

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  • Vietnam AV Magazine, Viet Nam, December 2021
    Vietnam Audio & Visual Magazine 2021 Editors’ Choice Award Primare I35 Prisma

    I35: Editor’s Choice Award 2021 Best Buy All-In-One Integrated Amplifier

    Primare I35 Prisma is one of those rare hi-end devices that can satisfy many needs in a single device, with comprehensive connectivity and streaming, high amplification efficiency, and natural, rich and emotional sound quality. Not only worthy of the honor of the Editors’ Choice Award 2021 in the category “Best All-in-One Integrated Amplifier”, we consider that the Primare I35 Prisma is the amplifier design that leads the trend in the industry for the coming years.

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  • HiFi+, UK, December 2021
    I35 Prisma: 2021 HiFi+ Integrated Amplifier of the Year (up to £10,000)

    “If ever there was a product that exhibits the notion that ‘the whole is greater than the sum of the parts’ it’s the Primare I35 Prisma… Perhaps it’s the absence of nonsense, the way it makes everything sound musically entertaining and enjoyable, or perhaps it’s the sheer ease of use. I’m pleased on a number of levels to have stepped from I35 to I35 Prisma, even though I suspect in today’s world most people will just opt for the full-fat Prisma version. But that insight into how we relate to streaming and how it changes our perception for the better will stay with me. Thanks!”


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  • HiFi+, UK, October 2021
    HiFi+ Innovation Award 2021

    Primare have received an Innovation award from HiFi+ with the following citation:

    First founded in 1985 by industrial designer Bo Christensen, Primare’s is perhaps one of the most recognisably Scandinavian brands in audio. Its combination of minimalism and good performance all point to a Swedish brand.

    So, when Primare uses a Swedish word to describe its ethos, perhaps we shouldn’t be too surprised. That word is ‘Lagom’ (pronounced ‘laah-goam’) and roughly translates to ‘just the right amount.’ In Primare’s world this means keeping everything in balance, harmony and proportion, and that the music – rather than the technology or the box in which it comes – should be the focus of audio.

    To this end, Primare employs a very modular approach to its product design, such as its latest Ultra Fast Power Device module (used throughout the range), which shows what Class D can do in the hands of very competent design engineers.

    Link to announcement: HiFi+200 Innovation Award 

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  • Salon AudioVideo. Russia, March 2021
    I35 and CD35

    “But the most interesting thing is that, choosing an intermediate solution (I35 only with DAC, and CD35 – in the full version, with a network board), but while having to pay a bit extra, you get the most flexible option. First, the system has two different DAC characteristics… Secondly, with additional digital inputs, it is possible to use not only more sources, but also alternative signal paths between the amplifier and the universal network CD player (one of them can be configured by cables specifically for some musical genre). After all, the SM35 Prisma streaming board can be moved from source to integrated if you want to try out a different configuration or part with the CD player altogether.”

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  • Vumètre, France, Septembre 2019
    Primare I35 Prisma

    “Versatile, focused on the future of high-fidelity, the Primare i35 foreshadows what the best sytems of tomorrow will be.”

    View/download full review as PDF
  • Lyd & Bilde, Norway
    I35 Prisma Review

    “Primare I35 Prisma is a gem of an amplifier. As a network player, it can stream almost anything, both audio formats and music services. And as an amplifier, it sounds brilliant.

    Its biggest advantage is that it tells the truth. It sounds both neutral and tight, and lets the speakers determine the final sound signature. The amplifier keeps the sound image whether you play low or high. It will work with the vast majority of speakers, the magic of the music flows out anyway. Special Recommendation / 5 stars”

    View full review
  • HiFi+
    I35 Prisma HiFi+ Review

    In a very real way, I’ve not had a more immediate example of just how potentially game-changing this is, even though I’ve been working with computer audio in some way or form since the Napster days. This isn’t a ‘technology’ issue, it’s one of philosophy of listening and the psychology of the listener. You change your way of thinking between ‘I35’ and ‘I35 Prisma’ and the change is well met and worth making.  

    The addition of Prisma almost immediately changes your perception of the Primare I35 from ‘amplifier’ to ‘ complete music-making entity’. It stops being just another product on the shelf, because it challenges the need for the rest of those products on the other shelves in your system. Even with a significant collection of unripped discs playing through a disc spinner of some description, you find yourself drawn almost inexorably to streaming; not in some Svengali-like way and not just for simplicity. It’s because music happens that way and you want to get more of it. 

    View/download full review as PDF
  • The HiFi Studio, The Netherlands, August 2020
    I35: Dynaudio Contour 20i and Primare I35 Prisma

    The combination of the Danish speakers and the Swedish amplifier is very successful. After the review of the Dynaudio Contour 20i and the Primare I35 Prisma, together they form a Scandinavian variant for a fast and dynamic reproduction, coupled with a high degree of transparency. They offer the listener a deep insight into the details and emotions of different music styles. What’s not to like?”

    View full review
  • EISA, International, August 2019

    “Recipient of a previous EISA Award, Primare continues its winning ways with this I35 amplifier and CD35 Prisma CD/network player. The amplifier is a simple, but fabulous- sounding, all-analogue design that delivers plenty of power using the company’s UFPD 2 amplification. Its modular design means you can add Primare’s DAC stage, and the Prisma network/multi-room module, when required. The CD35 Prisma CD player is also fully networked, offering wired and wireless connectivity for AirPlay, Bluetooth and Spotify Connect, as well as Chromecast built-in to access thousands of streaming services. This is so much more than a simple CD player/amp system: It’s the future of hi-resolution home hi-fi.”

  • Stereo +, Norway, March 2019
    I35 Prisma: Complete Control and Great Sound

    “With its own amplifier technology, delicious and purely Nordic design and sound that both press and hi-fi enthusiasts appreciate, and last year Primare received an EISA award for its products… here’s another product that you should actually put on your wish list if it’s control, precision and midrange dynamics you want. The Primare I35 offers everything you need for a carefree hifi life no matter which speaker is used! Five Stars.”

    View full review
  • Absolute Sound, USA, June 2019
    I35 Prisma: New Blood

    “Never have integrated amps been asked to do so much musically and functionally. But any way you want to listen, the I35 Prisma is at your beck and call. Maybe you only want to stream from Tidal or one of the other services. Or play back music from a computer or network storage. Maybe you’ll never spin a CD or an LP, or even own a recording in any physical format. The I35 is non-denominational. But like a virtual butler, it’s poised at the ready should you change your mind. In sum, Primare’s latest is a rock-solid performer excelling in a highly competitive bracket. It met or exceeded all my expectations.”

    View full review
  • HiFi+, UK, March 2020
    I35: HiFi+ 2020 Editor’s Choice Award

    “In fact, at no time and with no combination of bits and pieces I have to hand (and there are a lot of them) did it exhibit any do not like it properties or characteristics. Tonally, the I35 is rich and satisfying rather than bright and breezy, and yet it comes over as both energetic and dynamic sounding.”

    View/download full review as PDF
  • Stereo I Kolorowo-Underground, Poland, May 2019
    I35 Prisma + CD35 Prisma: Primare I35 Prisma and Primare CD35 Prisma

    “I35 Prisma illustrates the soul and sense of music with high tonal grip and low sibilance, nicely paints vast music landscapes and, at the same time, provides a naturally fast, transparent and agile sound. What’s more, the Swedish integrated has an inexhaustible ability to “revive” recordings. For example, on the album Keith Jarrett Trio “Somewhere” (ECM – 2009) the piano of the Steinway Grand Master, vibrating Peacock double bass strings, and DeJohnette’s delicate hi-hat drums were clearly present in the room, creating thus a perfectly balanced picture rich in detail and texture, providing the perfect insight into the emotional core of trio music.”

    View full review
  • HiFi Musik, Sweden, April 2019
    Effortless streaming – Primare’s new talents

    “I have myself never heard a amplifier in this price class that sounds so explosive and powerful in the low end, yet sounding so subtle and detailed with precision.”

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  • HiFi+, UK, May 2019
    I35: HiFi+ 10th Anniversary Top 100

    “The latest Primare platform is a highly modular amplifier system, but even as just an amplifier the I35 integrated is one of those products that you just love to enjoy!”

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