December Prisma Updates Update V.2


Hej! Just a quick update on the status of remaining Prisma updates we have been releasing this week: 

  • Android Prisma application is now available after some complications with the Google Play store prevented our uploading at the same time as the iOS version.
  • CD player OTA bug that has prevented our releasing the update for CD15 Prisma and CD35 Prisma has been fixed today, but to have a full team available for any support or assistance that may be needed with the launch of the update we plan to release it upon our offices reopening after winter holidays Monday, 8 January.
  • Gapless playback for Qobuz and TIDAL HiRes FLAC files was to have been included with this update, but somehow a bug in the OTA release prevented this feature from being included. We will work to provide an update fixing that bug upon our offices reopening after the winter holidays.

We are sorry for the additional delays but will continue to work to having a successfully completed update as soon as possible in the new year, with best wishes for a happy holiday and new year, the Primare team


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