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iOS 14.5 Bug Fixed

An updated Prisma application is available for download from the App Store that resolves the UPnP bug with iOS 14.5. 


We apologise for any inconvenience and the delay in getting this out but did so as soon as we could.  


Complicating this effort was the fact that we are in the final stages of providing a firmware update for Prisma, including new applications. The bug required a review of the apps and firmware for all eight Prisma models to be certain of compatibility before the OTA lunch next week that took some time. 


Even though we knew the new apps would be coming soon, we felt it was necessary to provide this more immediate update to the existing Prisma iOS app so those affected could return to enjoying playback from a NAS with Prisma no additional further delay. 


Thanks for your patience and look for the announcement of the firmware update and new applications next week.