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Primare Experience at Home

It takes time.

It takes time to design each and every Primare product, as we create them for the total experience – to hear, to see, to touch, to feel, to explore, to discover, to share and to celebrate.

It takes time to fully experience and appreciate the results of this total design effort.

We created Primare Experience at Home in order to allow you the time to not only deeply listen, but also to fully appreciate the look and feel, the ease of control provided by our products to the entire household to be able to enjoy the pleasure of high-resolution playback.

Primare Experience at Home allows you 45 days to completely engage in and appreciate fully the results of our total design approach.

So, take your time:

  • To allow the components to settle in and fully warm up over a few days of play so you can enjoy their best performance in your system.
  • To hear your speakers come to life like they may never have before with our source models or when being driven by our amplifiers with control and precision.
  • To see how the elegant and simple look of our compact components allow them to integrate into any environment.
  • To touch and feel the smooth turning of our iconic control knobs and the precise level of resistance calculated for each button.
  • To explore the many features offered by Prisma for the most complete control and connection of your system from familiar devices and applications.
  • To discover how precisely you can dial in your turntable system with the controls found in our phono stage designs or new music from hundreds of streaming apps and services easily accessible with our network players.
  • To share this total experience in a celebration of the senses with family and friends.

If after 45 days you should feel this experience does not meet your expectations, we will arrange for the return of the product for you.

Please note: the 45 Day Try at Home program is available only with direct web shop purchases and is not available for Local Pickup sales. Arrangements for at home auditions must be made with your local dealer. 


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