Forms demo here

Refining images setup

Small image

This is a text and image block with a small image in the left field. On my screen resolution the image gets scaled down slightly, to 250px × 250px, but on some smaller resolutions it needs the extra pixels. The text content in the neighbouring cell gets vertically centered, which usually works good.

Text / image combo

Here’s another section that uses the medium sized image. This image gets scaled down on some screen sizes. It never gets scaled up, since it’s a regular image. Background images can get scaled up.

The large image

Here’s a regular image covering roughly three slots horizontally. The text still gets centered vertically. If the text needs more vertical space than the image needs, the image will be vertically centered, adding white-space above and below.

Here’s some random text just to demonstrate what will happen when the text field needs more space than the images height. More random text to make it even more obvious that it is now the text cell that determines the height of the complete row.



Quote section

It is estimated that there are one billion stars, like ours, and in all the universe, there are one billion, billion, planets capable of supporting life, like ours. And in all of that, and maybe even more, there is only one of each of us. Don’t destroy the one named Kirk.

Embedded video

Embedding videos from other sources, like Youtube. This is actually the way most WordPress gurus recommend, for bandwidth, quality and content delivery reasons.

By the way – the keyboard solo in this tune is really amazing. You really have to listen to the full song at least once. Otherwise I’ll start calling you a music hater on a regular basis.