NP5 Prisma MCU Update

Effective Immediately

A time critical update for NP5 Prisma was released today, 29 April.
Following the most recent Prisma update it was discovered that there was an issue effecting the long-term stability of the MCU in the NP5 Prisma that needed to be addressed immediately.
The solution to the issue has been found and the OTA update released today.
In this new MCU version we are decreasing the load on the MCU’s flash memory and the result should be more stable connection and control in RS232 connected systems.
With this update network settings are not reset, so Google Home setup and network connection should be intact after the update.
However, user settings, such as Audio settings, must be reset to default factory settings for the update to take effect.
As a result, users will need to setup their NP5 Prisma to return to their previous settings.
This was necessary for this specific update only and will not be a necessary feature of future updates.
Our apologies for any inconvenience and concern that may have resulted, and with great thanks to those users who reported the issue to early on and provided additional details and support that allowed us to fix this bug so quickly.
Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at

Current firmware is:

· MCU v1.41 (before the update was v1.40)
· Streaming v12074 (the same as before the update)
· CAST v1.36 (the same as before the update)


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