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We want to provide a status report on the new Prisma apps and updates we have been working on and that have been much delayed.

Our sincere hope is that the pandemic has not impacted you as severely as it has us at Primare, where it has caused delays in every aspect of the design, supply, and manufacturing chains, including communication with related technology license holders, where responses that ordinarily would take hours or days, now can take weeks.

Two key members of our international design team had to leave the group as a consequence of national lock downs and quarantines, requiring us to find and hire new personnel, which is not an easy task under normal circumstances. We were fortunate in being able to hire not only two, but three very qualified individuals, with the hope of speeding up progress and catching up on lost time.

However, their assessment of the existing apps was that it would be better in the long run to not simply develop an Android phone app, but completely redesign the Android app from the ground up as a single app for both phone and tablet, and in fact redesign the iOS app as well. This will create a more stable and agile Prisma application, essentially removing any patches, redundancies, potential conflicts in the design resulting from past updates and the new features and functionality we are adding.

In addition to the completely new applications, we are effectively rebuilding Prisma from the ground up. Along with the general firmware update to provide bug fixes and add features such as native playback for NP5 Prisma, we will be providing AirPlay 2 to all models, completely revising the Chromecast built-in build, greatly improving overall control, connectivity and audio playback performance across all models, and Roon Ready certification.

The general complexity of this effort means that these multiple initiatives must be completed before being able to launch them all in a prescribed and specific sequence. Under ordinary conditions this would be a difficult task, under current circumstances it is proving to be entirely unpredictable, resulting in the extended and regrettable delay. We can only state that we literally have team members working around the world around the clock with the goal of releasing the full potential of the Prisma platform as soon as we possible.

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