I35 Prisma: 2021 HiFi+ Integrated Amplifier of the Year (up to £10,000)


We are pleased to announce that HiFi+ magazine has named our I35 Prisma Integrated Amplifier of the Year (up to £10,000).


HiFi+ AWARDS 2021

Primare I35 Prisma

“Primare is no stranger to the Hi-Fi+ Awards; in fact, last year, the company’s R35 picked up our Phono Stage of the Year up to £2,500 award. And the I35 integrated amplifier has been a constant recommendation since we first tested it in its basic guise. However, the modular amplifier was hiding an ace up its sleeve in the guise of its Prisma digital streaming platform.

The 150W per I35 was the   first amplifier to use the company’s own UFPD 2 amplifier modules. UFPD stands for Ultra Fast Power Module; this Primare-designed Class D module has long provided instantaneous current delivery and extremely low distortion, but in its new UFPD 2 guise has more linear amplification across the entire audible bandwidth than previous modules. The modular nature of the amp means it can be just a line-level integrated design, can sport a high-grade DAC or the addition of DAC and the Prisma steaming module. These modules can be provided fitted at the time of purchase or supplied as an upgrade at a later date. There are also a number of different avenues to add the DAC/Prisma package depending on your system.

In our test, Alan Sircom said, “Adding both DAC and Prisma makes the I35 one of the most comprehensively specified integrated amplifiers out there at the moment. The DAC board alone adds four S/PDIF Toslink connectors and two coaxial RCA links, as well as USB input and S/PDIF/RCA output. But no AES/EBU link.” He added that. “set-up of Prisma is a breeze (at least for those net-savvy enough to have built their own home network).”

He continued by saying, “If ever there was a product that exhibits the notion that ‘the whole is greater than the sum of the parts’ it’s the Primare I35 Prisma.” Sonically, Alan felt it retains the classic Primare sound; “Tonally, the I35 Prisma is rich and satisfying rather than bright and breezy, and yet it comes over as both energetic and dynamic sounding.” And he concluded by saying, “that insight into how we relate to streaming and how it changes our perception for the better will stay with me. Thanks!”

Reviewed in Issue 191

“If ever there was a product that exhibits the notion that ‘the whole is greater than the sum of the parts’ it’s the Primare I35 Prisma.”


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