FAQ: Prisma

What should I do if my Prisma model is not functioning properly?

First, try a simple reboot of the Prisma model by turning off and then after a few seconds turning back on the Prisma model from the back panel main AC power switch.

If that does not solve the issue, perform a factory reset. This can be done using the remote and OLED for menu display or by pressing and holding the standby button for 10 seconds. 

When the Prisma model has started again after the reset, power it off using the AC mains switch on back side.

Connect the Prisma model to the WIFI network or the ethernet cable from your switch (or your router if it has a built-in switch) to the Prisma Ethernet port (LAN IN for I25, I35, and PRE35 models that have two ethernet ports).

Power ON your Prisma model.

This process should resolve most issues, if not, contact us at info@primare.net