FAQ: Prisma

What can the USB A connector be used for?

USB A input on Prisma was not designed for critical listening connection or control, nor for long–term large–scale digital media music library storage. Rather for temporary, more informal listening, with a thumb or portable drive. 

 The reasons for this are primarily performance related. The USB A connector is not the best sounding digital connector, partly as a result of its handling both audio signal and power, and as larger drives draw greater power from the socket, this can adversely affect both operation and performance quality. 

 Therefore, an Ethernet or WIFI connected NAS drive with media management software installed (such as MinimServer) has been prioritised as it offers the best performance and fullest functionality for Prisma connection and control 

 If USB A remains the preferred option, some information may be helpful: 

  • Drives must be formatted to either FAT32 or NTFS 
  • Maximum drive sizes are 512gb for FAT32 and 2tb for NTFS 
  • 50 folder or file limit, with no cover art, so recommended to: 

    Arrange files on the drive using a computer to sort by artist folder, and then within the folder by artist (last or first name), then album title, and then individual tracks.  

    Once sorted, folders and files will be displayed by alphabetical order, so file numbers should be removed at the head of any name or title (such as track numbers within albums). 

  • Searching, queue or playlist function are not available with USB A input, but full functionality is available from NAS connection, either by WiFi or ethernet. 
  • The use of a USB noise reduction device, such as the Audioquest Jitterbug or IFi isilencer, is recommended to improve performance.