FAQ: Prisma

What Bluetooth codec does Prisma use?

Prisma uses standard Bluetooth SBC Codec (4.1, Low Energy), with sampling rates of 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, and Joint Stereo 32 kHz, optimised for best performance for more casual, less critical listening experiences, while recommending the use of the high–performance connection options for more critical listening, such as Spotify Connect, AirPlay (for true 16/44.1kHz) and Chromecast built-in (with resolution up to 24/96kHz).

 We have elected to do so as any of the other Bluetooth codecs, no matter how advanced, do not deliver true high resolution. More importantly for us, the most advanced codecs, such as aptX and aptX HD, are available only to those who have that technology in both receiver and transmitter. Meaning that this technology is not accessible by too many people (including all iPhone users) to meet our goal of providing the best possible experience for the greatest number of people.