FAQ: Prisma

Is Tidal HiFi Masters available with Prisma?

Tidal Master playback with Prisma is available using:

  • AirPlay (with Master file playback resolution at 16/44.1)
  • Roon with Chromecast built-in as endpoint, or directly, following Roon Ready certification, resolution up to 24/96 (NP5 Prisma is Roon Ready, with certification and automatic over the air – OTA – update for all other Prisma models to be made available as soon as possible in the first half of 2021).
  • We are currently working with Tidal to make Tidal Connect available on all Prisma models by free automatic software update in 2021, which will provide Master file playback among other feature and performance enhancements.
  • Tidal Master file playback is not available for playback using the Chromecast built-in platform directly. We are exploring options with Google to provide Tidal Master playback with Chromecast built-in, but are uncertain when that might be possible.
  • Another option for Tidal Master file playback would be to use a third party UpNP control application such as mconnect or BubbleUpNP, with resolution up to 24/48.