FAQ: Prisma

How do I cast from a music streaming service to Prisma?

  • Begin by playing a track or album on the music streaming application. 
  • Once the selection has begun to play, press on the thumbnail image of the selection at the bottom of the play window on the left. 
  • Upon entering the larger play screen, there will be a cast symbol that looks like a speaker.
  • Press the cast button and cast options should appear in a directory for either Chromecast built-in, Spotify Connect, or AirPlay and Bluetooth.
  • You should see your Prisma product or products on that list, if it has been connected to the network.
  • Press the Prisma product you wish to cast to, and casting should begin within the few seconds.
  • Note: there will be a longer delay between the time of command and corresponding action when using AirPlay and Bluetooth than with either Chromecast built-in or Spotify Connect.